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Lets Troll....!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Alrighty you bunch of keyboard warriors (me included, where's them fukn cyclists!), lets have some light hearted, substance based, leg pulling, forum trolling, ugly posting.............
    ....................for fun!! :grin:

    Is there things you've always wanted to reply to a thread and thought, "nah, it'll open padora's box of flaming and sooking". Well this is your chance, have a go at religions, cyclists, cruiser riders, sport bike riders, those who like apples, those who like oranges, etc etc.

    One rule;

    All in good fun only. No directly offensive shit aimed directly at one person, named or assumed. Aim only for stereotypes! Do your best troll shots, not your best below the belt shots.

    Remove names when quoting, just remember what ever you say isn't aimed directly at someone if your using quotes or writing posts. Remember, it's meant to be fun, Mods, I trust you would delete or edit posts asap if you see them aimed at an individual.

    Let the mayhem begin.

    I'll get the ball rolling;

    All cyclists shouldn't be aloud to ride on the road as they don't pay rego and get in the way and they are slow and they wear funny Lycra pants. Ok pretty shit start but someone please feel free to attempt to kick this sucker off...

    Mods, I know it sounds whacked, but yeah, seemed like a good idea at the time...
  2. Did you say lets TROLL.


    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  3. I'm up for this.

    Lies. thats an excellent start. I don't have an issue with cyclists using the roads but what I DO hate is when they get all pious about "saving the environment" because they cycle to work.

    NO YOU ARE'NT! YOU ARE INDIRECTLY CAUSING MORE CARBON POLLUTION because every car that passes you has to slow down and then accelerate again. You are merely shifting the blame.
  4. Grammar - Allowed not Aloud.

    You're slow.....hows it feel getting passed by a cyclist when your stuck in traffic.
    How's it feel to ADD to the emission's already polluting the planet.
    A cyclist is no doubt fitter than you, chances are your overweight at 24 and your destined to ride a cruiser to haul your lard ass around.

    A nice female Lycra ass is better than yours.

    A cyclist could bang your significant other longer than most motorbike riders.

    A cyclist pays less for tyres, no fuel, can get away with riding on the footpath, also park anywhere, and dont pay rego ...... we are the stupid ones......

    NEXT !
  5. and everyone knows that ALL CYCLISTS lane split to the front of the traffic lights and then take off slowly compareded to cars and bikes... more pollution you bad bad cyclists!!!
  6. Yes. Technology is your friend. Viva la industrial revolution.

  7. :rofl: I'm in tears here, that's gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My arse looks great in anything........but best in a bike, preferably with a motor in it:grin:

    Technology is a biatch, I wish I was born in 1520. Then I wouldn't have such a full conscience :oops:
  9. Do you think we should ban those religious types from riding or driving or using technology because the ancient books say science is fiction and it can't be explained?? Surely this would fix our traffic and pollution problems???
  10. Does that include the church of the Fonz?
  11. It’s Trawling you Moron!
  12. PFfft. Falcon indeed. Second rate large family cars are not cool.
  13. :LOL: Never was the best at spelling!!!

    Now I was trying to fix the breaks on my bike, and I think when I was trying to undo the caliper and the bolt brakes on me.............
  14. I agree Ford makes Buckets of bolts… Minus the bolts.
    Good thing the name is about a bird then…
  15. Amateurs

  16. Yeah. They are.

    Reminds me of a funny story. My mates brother attempted to change the head deck in his car... he thought that wiring all the wires to the + terminals would give him more volume....
  17. Unfortunately, this is also true... I try but everyone here is jsut so damned agreeable.
  18. I'd say professional failure, least amateurs have some idea :-O
  19. Grammar - you're not your.

  20. [/quote]

    Grammar - you're not your.


    No full stop either, Sir.