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Let's talk NRL

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Not that other crappy sport



    That is all, see all you other losers next year :D

    The end

    Close thread
  2. We meet each other in the first final
    And we will meet again on that great Sunday at the end of the season.

    I knew all the doggies needed was pride, respect for each other. And Desey gives that in spades.
    Yup going to be the best final in years.
    All the best Goz. It's gunna be a great day
  3. There there, who needs a hug

  4. Oh poor George lol.
    Bloody good game last night, even if Manly played like girls in the second half.
    $2.10 for the doggies before kick off.....haha I had twenty on them
  5. Will see you in the grandfinal, beware doggies, The bunnies are coming for you
  6. That would be an awesome event.... Bulldogs Vs Bunnies Grand Final

    Go the Mighty Bulldogs!!!
  7. If bunnies lose tonight, we cant meet in the final
  8. The game proved something that we've known for years; the Manly team is a magnet for some truly dirty players.....
  9. yep, absolute grubs last night, dirty tactics and still couldnt win
  10. Go the Mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs, might have to plan a ride to Sqydney to watch the Bunnies v Bullies in the Grand Final
  11. Yeah I'm backing Souths tonight.
  12. I lived in Sydney for a few years and use to go to see the NRL and what surprised me was you could buy as much full strength beer as you could carry.
    At the AFL it is mid strength beer only in the public areas (but you can buy wine and mixed spirits)
    Is this still the case ?

    I remember you could go to McDonalds and buy a Big Mac and get a general admission ticket. Then at the ticket box at the ground pay $10 for a seat on the wing!
  13. I remember the days when it was $10 get in the gate sit where you wanted. But then again Newton and North Sydney were in the comp in those days :p
    And since Parra are dead and buried now and MLB leading 18-0 I say go those stormers.
  14. Nah mick, limit 4 beers full strength
  15. Still good to get full strength. That's why I get my AFL membership that includes social club so i can get a real beer in a stubby.

    Anyways the Storm are smashing the Bunnies
  16. 24-0 at the 69th minute

    I hope no-one's got some real money on Russell's clan....
  17. Robbie Farah is now my least-favourite rugby player.

    Of course, by virtue of the fact that I cannot name another one, he is also my favourite.
  18. That stuff that happened with him on twitter is nothing short of disgraceful
  19. On both sides.

    The guy who said the shit was pretty pathetic, but Farah is just as bad, perhaps worse, for threatening the guy physically, and then going and crying to the police and politicians over words he didn't like.

    Worse yet, the police and politicians are taking it seriously. Censorship is never the right answer.