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Let's talk NHL Hockey

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I have a feeling this thread will be a monologue, but hopefully there are some other hockey fans out there!

    Looking more and more like there's gonna be a lockout this year, though :( I hope it's cleared up before December, I desperately want to see my Kings play when I'm in LA in December! I've been a fan of them my entire life, and finally getting to see 'em win a cup (albeit on TV) was one of the best things ever :angel:

  2. Re: Let's talk NHL

    It's lonely here mate, isn't it? Sorry must go.
  3. Re: Let's talk NHL

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo RED WINGS!!

    I love to watch hockey when I can. Any good places to watch hockey games?
  4. Go Oilers !!!
  5. Love Hockey but I don't get to see anywhere near enough of it to be very knowledgeable on it.
  6. Penguins fan here.......

    Been to a live Penguins game in Pittsburgh. Live NHL....awesome =D>
  7. I went to a boxing match once and a Ice Hockey game broke out
  8. Ha hahahahah


    I love Hockey punch ups.
  9. I have personal preference for field/grass hockey. Only team sport other than baseball that really interests me.
  10. I played hockey when I was younger. Great game.

    Go Senators!
  11. Re: Let's talk NHL

    NHL.com gamecenter is genuinely fantastic.
  12. I understand them, and part of me enjoys watching, but as a player they drive me nuts. :angel:
  13. I don't know that I've ever actually watched field hockey for more than a few seconds… hmm.
  14. Truth be told it's mainly because I loved playing it on school. Was half decent for a school team too.
  15. Ah fair enough. I watched baseball while I played it, but kinda trailed off after that. I don't mind watching highlights reels, though!
  16. Go Leafs Go!

    I was born in Toronto, so hockey is in our blood. Only sport that anyone really cares about in T.O.

    It's about time Lord Stanley comes back home. No cups since '67 and it's depressing.

    If/when the Leafs bring the cup back home, the city will go berserk. I'm sure the riots in Vancouver a couple of years back will pale in comparrison.

    It's frustrating following the NHL here in Australia. Random games are shown on ESPN and Fox, so it's hard to follow a team. May have to purchase the season through NHL.com or something, but games will be shown during the day, so not ideal.
  17. Funny - Field/grass hockey isn't even played by guys in Canada. I remember our school only had field hockey for girls.

    Guys would play lacrosse.
  18. Leafs aren't going to win the cup for a very very long time :p

    Born and raised in Oakville here!
  19. Leave it to hockey to bring out all the Canucks eh? Raised in Markham till I was 10 - then it was off to Hudson Bay after that (y)

    I remember in the mid-80's some do-gooders decided to stop televising the fights.. made hockey life sooo boring lol... I think when the viewer numbers dropped, they changed thier tune very quick..

    I'm a diehard Leafs fan too (y)
  20. I don't think anyone is expecting a cup anytime soon.

    If Toronto at least had a playoff run and made it past the first round, the city would go nuts. :woot:

    I still remember the 1993 playoff run to the Campbell Conference Finals like it was yesterday. All the way back when I was in high school. Best run they had in my lifetime! Made it all the way to Game 7. I remember heading downtown to go celebrate, as it was tied with 4 minutes left in the third period!

    Unfortunately, because of Gretzky and the boys, it wasn't to be [-(

    So sad :cry: