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Let's Talk Lawnmowers - Yeah Baby!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. My beast is an early sixties Victa Ambassador, I think from 1962. It’s a four stoke with the four blades and side thingy for the cut grass to exit.

    It’s still kicking along although it is starting to blow some smoke. I filled the sump with the delo 400 multigrade and it seems to have smoothed the running a little but not sure if the oil is right for a mower.

  2. meh, a mower would probably run on high grade cooking oil.
  3. Had to "google" this lawnmower thing.

    Don't have one, a man comes and cuts the lawns.
  4. Back in the days when things were built to last.

    You could always do an engine rebuild. :D
  5. Our lawnmower

    We have this, since we have so much grass to cut we splurged a bit, it's got HEAPS of power and gearbox is so sweet, you put it in gear (3spd) and squeeze the handle and it pulls itself along, all you have to do is steer!
  6. Don't mind the odd gardening, some new plants, occasional trimming....

    BUT LAWN MOWERS for that regular cutting then trimming grass!

    2 hours of riding time wasted....:tantrum:
  7. cant beat a Honda, last u a life time
  8. +1

    The company I work for exports I'd say a good 10-15 thousand Honda lawnmowers a year all over the world.

    If you can splurge get a hru196pu or a hru216su model. They cost round $500-700 look like a hovercraft and will mow anything. I was given a victa as a house warming gift but next mower will def be Honda.
  9. +1. In spite of my antipathy to Honda's motorcycles, I consider their utility and industrial engines to be the best available. Way back when, I was a landscape gardener. When times were thin, I'd mow grass and would rent a mower to do it. All my local rental companies had Hondas and, in spite of being old, thrashed and neglected, they always started first pull, ran all day and had torque and power aplenty. A marked contrast with the assorted Briggs and Scrapem shite that it's been my misfortune to deal with over the years.

    The only worse engines I've come across have been Aspera two-strokes, an Italian engine that was (and maybe still is), favoured by several British mower manufacturers, principally Flymo. They were truly rubbish, with a carburettor that would clog with shite within seconds and a crankshaft with a tendency to explode into shrapnel if you did manage to keep the bastard thing running for more than five minutes at a stretch.

    Bet they were cheap though.
  10. I use my dad's mower when the grass is too high and it's a Victa 2 Stroke with 2 blades and has been running since 1980s at least. My dad bought it off my friend's dad and it is still running today :D. I just sharpened the blades and now cuts the grass even better...granted the choke/speed controller is stuffed, but at least it runs :D.
  11. This was my favorite mower
    It died a couple of years ago and now I have crap Talon mower from K'mart. It does the job though and is a hell of a lot quieter than the old Victa 2 stroke.

    FWIW, my dad had a Honda Mower once but it only lasted 8 years or so. To it's credit though, it did weekly service on an acre and a half through mud leaves and various other crap without even so much as an oil change.... not ever. :)
  12. I've got a Rover given to me by the mother in law.

    It lives outside, has never had an oil change & usually starts third or fourth pull.

    I leave my mechanical sympathy aside when I'm around it, only to see just how much abuse it will take. I think the spark should be rusted through in a year or two.

    I recently put some new blades on it, but that was only for my benefit.
  13. The downside is that you have a Honda for a lifetime :p.

    (Who didn't see that one coming?)

    Personally, I kinda prefer a scythe (quiet, easier to maintain, and more). Unfortunately, they're not so good for lawns :(.
  14. Given practice and the skill to sharpen the blade, you can get a finish comparable to the average rotary mower. Why you would bother is another matter..........:D
  15. I have my parents old lawn mower - its an old Victa 2 stroke which is older then me and still starts first go (though it was rebuilt some years ago).
  16. ..my ZZR250 sounds like a lawnmower!!....:-s (sorry old girl but ya do!!)...8-[
  17. my lawnmower is a pope... i got it as a present ... its chinese and ... well the starter motor broke on the 3rd mow and i have to start it with a drill...

    i have a couple of 50cc 2stroke engines for when the motor invariably falls appart.

    ill get a proper one when it finally dies.
  18. What, you mean it's got the big hat and the dress and the hooky thing?:LOL:.

  19. didnt u buy a 600 also?
  20. .Yep!!.. sure did Goz!!... I can (legally) ride her in 1 month. 3 days, 40 minutes and 20 seconds time (not that I am counting!!) 8-[