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Let's Talk H D

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bulby, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Yep. Harley Davidsons :p

    Can't help but wonder why impartial opinions / reviews are so hard to come by when it comes to Har(d)leys. It almost seems as if everyone is either a hater or a fanboy, leading to inconsistent comments on any given model, which means I can't tell which side is telling the truth - especially when it comes to reliability and overall build quality.

    What are your thoughts about importing them from the US? This seems to be done more and more often in the recent couple of years, so I'm wondering if anyone's heard of horror stories?

    Why am I asking? Because I am potentially getting one next year. Specifically, either the FXDB or the FXDC.
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  2. The reason is because the bikes themselves are crap. Even putting build quality issues aside you're still buying something deliberately designed to offer a level of handling and braking performance that was considered primitive more than 30 years ago (and you can get performance that's almost as bad with a Jap cruiser for a fraction of the price).

    So it really just comes down to whether you want to buy the image or not.
  3. Too true. To be completely honest, I only want them for their looks :D
    So yeah. Pretty much undecided, depending on test rides.
  4. If you don't understand how a Harley can be a great ride for it's type then that's fine ... it's not your thing and we understand that some riders lack the ability to get the best from these bikes. No shame in that. :)

    If the OP wants a Harley then why diss on him? I'd personally go for the Dyna lineup ...
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  5. Where was I "dissing" on him. If he wants to buy into the image that's his choice.

    The "if you don't understand a Harley it's because you're not as awesome as those of us who do" argument is the thing I always find amusing. I do know how to get the best from one - just don't go anywhere near a corner and spend vast sums of money on aftermarket accessories so it at least sounds like it's going fast in a straight line. :)

    Ahh, it's been a while since we've had a good HD bashing thread. This should be fun......
  6. So what image do you favour hmm? Got the power ranger suit do ya? :p

    Harleys can corner just fine ... certainly not like any of the race replica units on sticky tyres out there, but well enough for a bike of their style.
  7. I own a Harley and I've ridden a few different types (Street Bob, Electro Classic Ultra Glide, Sportster and I've also ridden a number of Japanese cruiser bikes. The first thing I'd say is asking most sports bike riders about cruisers is generally pointless because they don't 'get' cruisers, all you get is comments like '30 year old technology'. Next is that Japanese cruisers offer better value for money but worse retained value. Another is that there is a lot more off the shelf custom items available in Australia for Harleys than for Japanese cruisers (if you're into that).

    However none of that really matters much, most people buy a Harley because they make them feel good and really, isn't that what motorcycling is about? Enjoying yourself?

    So if you want one, go and buy one (or don't).

    The key in my opinion is to get one that fits you so book in for a test ride day and try some.
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  8. I like 80s era Japanese bikes. But since nobody seems to offer a range of official, or unofficial, clothing just for them I'm forced to have to make my own decisions as to what to wear :(

    Also, I've already pointed out that if you want a bike that handles well for that particular "style" - the Japanese ones are a lot cheaper. So it's certainly not a valid reason for buying a HD (which just leaves invalid ones, like image :p).
  9. I've got an old Stagg jacket you can buy if you want :p:D got it on fleabay for the old man but it was too small :(

    I had a jap cruiser and IMHO, while it was a fine capable machine, it just lacked something the Harley has ... possibly the vibrations LOL :rolleyes: and arse-numbing seat ... oh and hard to clean rear wheel ... um oops :oops: wait up :rofl:
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  10. Is that the same company that makes the canned chili?
    I was wondering what they did with the rest of the horse.....
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  11. There is something about a Harley Davidson, whether it's the image built up over decades or something else, but they really are more than the sum of their parts. Some are slow, some are fast, some corner, some don't, but most are instantly recognisable as a Harley.

    That's a powerful thing.

    It's also a very subjective thing, which is why impartial reviews are probably hard to find.
  12. I like the way most of them look, I just find the noise obnoxious.
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  13. JD dosnt obviously understand what the CRUISE means in cruiser, typical Ricky racer wanna be
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  14. Cruisers and Sport-bikes are 2 completely different things. They're both motorised 2-wheeled vehicles, but the similarities end there. Saying cruisers don't handle / perform as well as sport bikes is like trying to drive an allen bolt with a phillips screwdriver. Basically what I was saying was some people will claim Harleys have terribad build quality and reliability without having ever owned one, and there are others who would claim the exact opposite having just owned one for some 2-3 months as their first bike ever. And... well... this thread may just prove my point yet, if it hasn't already :ROFLMAO:

    In a perfect world, I'd own at least one of each category of motorcycles - Everything from posties to trials, and even big tourers like the K1600GT. I love them all, really. Hell, I might even add a scooter to the collection for the lols.
    In the real world however, I have no choice but to stick to 1 bike. Hence, I'm just sussing out which one I like most.

    Judging from what I do with my Across, cruisers seem to fit the bill. And as far as cruisers are concerned, HD definitely has something the others don't. This is almost entirely subjective, of course; and it could very well be nothing but sentimental values. All in all though, it all comes down to whether or not I like the way they ride. And ultimately, whether or not they put a big stupid grin on my face.
  15. Something like this you mean?
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  16. Is that you're Ricky racer club?
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  17. I'm disappointed, I expected a much better comeback than that from you Goz.
    That's no better than "I know you are, but what am I".

    This place isn't what it used to be :p
  18. I find myself browsing the different models on the HD website occasionally. I don't mind the Super Glide Custom but most of them do have a certain aesthetic and nostalgic appeal. Not to mention they will get you from A to B.
  19. For the money you pay for a Harley Davidson you don't really get very good value for money.

    The best HD I ever rode was a 2002 Dyna Glide Sport. It wasn't a bad bike. It actually handled, went and stopped properly. Then I asked how much for the bike as I rode it. Ok, you sitting down. $35,500. A standard Dyna Sport was at the time $26500. To get it to handle, go and stop properly they (Frasers) had to charge another $9000 to put on brembo brakes, fornales shocks (front and rear), screaming eagle stage 3 kit, and a supertrapp exhaust. Plus various other bits of bling.

    If you really want that style of bike most people I've spoken with say get a Victory, they are the bike HD wished they'd made.

    However, it's your choice, take some for a test ride and test ride cruisers from other manufacturers and make up your own mind.

    Oh and for what is worth, I actually really like HD owners. My wife used to work for the local dealer as the spare parts/accessories/warranty manager and the bonus' she got for selling 'aftermarket' stuff really helped her to buy her Ducati Monster.
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    Last edited: Nov 23, 2012
    I actually test rode a Victory Cross Roads Hard Bagger before I bought the Harley Switchback. The Victory had better brakes and more top end power but compared to the Harley it felt long, top heavy and hard to ride at slow parking speeds.

    It's simply physically huge! It's a full foot (30cm) longer than my Harley and that length is really felt when riding it plus it's about 25kg heavier (and that weight is carried higher). Believe me if that's the bike Harley had made I wouldn't have bought it (seriously).

    *edit* This is a comparison between the two (someone unbiased).