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Lets talk Front Sprockets.... And how they fall off!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Thera, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. so at 19001km's I finally had a problem with the Hyo...

    Just left home, coming down to the intersection of queensberry and curzon street, change down a gear, and I am met by the sultry sounds of an engine, with no load. Thinking quickly I jumped up and down through the gears, to no avail other than assuring myself the Gearbox was still working fine.

    Roll down the hill Park the bike, and notice its dripping oil(really, a nice little snail trail back up the hill in the car parking area). So Tonight(2 weeks and 1 day later) I finally got down and looked at it and sure enough the Front Sprocket has decided to become a naturalist, and shed its outer clothing.

    The sleeve on the Drive shaft had moved out allowing oil to seep through, but I cannot see any other problems. Replace the sleeve back into place, and chuck the spare front sprocket onto the shaft to ensure everything feels right.

    Tomorrow its off to stevo's with the KY Jelly, or maybe staffords if I can get out there, and source a new Sprocket Retention bolt, and I am assuming either a washer or spacer specifically suited to the job.

    Now, I am going to do the oil change, rear sprocket and new chain.

    Rear sprocket, What is the best way to attack it?

    Also Any one know if there is any good deals on tyres atm, I need a new front.
  2. Had the same thing happen to me on an old GSX750 about 90km from home. The sprocket was spinning freely courtesy of the missing retention bolt.

    A ruined day, a train ride in leathers, a trailer hire and drive out there, and a 20c bolt, and all was fixed! :)
  3. If there's oil coming out from behind the sprocket, I'm tipping it's more serious than just a retention bolt. Any oil should be held in behind the transmission cover with a rubber seal. And if those seals are dying, it can point to serious gearbox issues.
  4. The front sprocket nuts on Hyo's come off all the time, it's a combination on being a bit viby and lock washer not being big enough to hold the nut when you fold it over...

    Why don't they have split pins???
  5. +1 to Loz. Unless it's the sort of setup where the seal runs on a boss on the back of the sprocket, the output shaft leak worries me.
  6. Dab of loctite?
  7. Put loctite blue on mine everytime, still comes lose...
  8. I had this happen somewhere on the Hume many centuries ago, on my old Kawasaki 250 triple two-stroke. With only the tools under the seat and a roadside rock, I persuaded the sprocket back on and turned over the lockwasher with the screwdriver and said rock. You do what you have to do.

    I, too, would be worried about oil leaking down the countershaft, however.
  9. Could be like the DRZ400 where the sprocket comes loose and the boss flogs out the seal - get a new boss and seal kit ($40 for the DRZ) before you give a grease monkey the opportunity to demand the cases be split at your expense...
  10. Loz speaks truth. Doesn't sound good.
  11. ok btw, all fixed. the oil leak was due to the sleeve shifting off. 500kms down and no leak yadda yadda
  12. this happened to me on Thursday morning on the way to work :(

    Not fun
  13. oh, i really had to hold back at stevo's when they told me that there wasn't a front Sprocket nut in country, and it'd have to come from OS.... chucked a fit, cancelled the oil filter, rear sprocket and chain(Had a new front already) and said I was of to Staffords. went to look at the helmets, and the gent from the parts desk phoned around and "found one" at the Dandy store.

    Yeah its really freaky.
  14. My ZZR1100 did the same thing, except it happened at $2.60...

    As the bike slowed to around $1.00, a grating noise from below started up.

    I thought I'd lunched the bike. Pulled into the servo in the next town. As I propped the bike on the sidestand, a large nut fell out from the fairing.

    It was the sprocket bolt.

    Borrowed some tools and some decent Locktite and put it back on. The lock washer was missing. Ordered one when I got home (as well as new chain and sprockets).

    When I removed the cover to replace it all I found that the nut was a few turns from coming off, again.
  15. That's like when I went in to PS Ringwood to order a 39T rear sprocket for my old DRZ400 'tard - bloke says they don't make'em, I showed him the part number, still tried to tell me they don't make'em, heated conversation and I left empty handed... Rang PS Dandenong, said they had one in stock so I grabbed it and headed to PS Ringwood with sprocket & receipt, showed the idiot I had dealt with - his response was "So?" - I nearly fell over...
  16. Bluefreak, did you leave it at that? Or did you lodge a complaint about the fellow's attitude with his employer?

    If the former it's not really surprising. Apparently 90% of dissatisfied customers never complain about the 'experience' and they also never return. So, a shop owner may never know if he or she has problems until it's too late.
  17. There might be an O ring that hides behind the sleeve. Not sure on your bike -but if it starts to piddle again it would be well worth investigating/replacing. I changed a countershaft seal due to that exact reason and discovered it wasn't actually the seal leaking, but the O ring was damaged.
  18. A lot of this about. Was in PS Dandenong looking at s/h bikes......for 10min I stood around. No other customers. I left and took my business to PS Ringwood and rewarded with great service.

    May just take my new ride to PS Dandenong and say I coulda done business with them but what's the point?

    Glad the output shaft leak got sorted - when I read it I envisaged a horror run. Bit of a worry when posters say Loctite doesn't do the job as I reliedon this stuff with my old XR - it used to spit bolts regular! Also rueing not putting it on the pinch bolts of the axle clamps on the Gixxer - they worked loose
  19. aye it all good atm, But keeping an eye on it.