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Let's talk cricket

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gobberwart, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. South Africa is currently 82/6 after 32 overs in the third test against Australia. Anyone else paying attention?

  2. Glued to it. Great start by Aussies but that hasn't meant much this series.
  3. No kidding. The stonewalling from SA in the last day and a half of the 2nd test was so hard to watch. The last fifteen minutes or so was almost worth it though lol
  4. I must say I'd rather a game like that than a comfy Aussie win. When siddle got that last wicket I was yelling big time. Du plessis, the south African Mr Cricket? If he's not out at the end of this innings his average will be 200+
  5. A lot of facebook posting about Mitchell Johnson needing to be hung to a high tree. Don't know much else.
  6. Good contest again. Lyons did well to protect Ponting till tomorrow
  7. someone is always paying attention.
  8. and it was 6/82... ;)
  9. Lol, moving right along....

    Hopefully Punter finishes with a reasonable couple of innings.
  10. Didn't get to see any today. What the hell happened? Good bowling or bad batting?
  11. A bit of both. Early on it was awesome bowling, but a lot of our tail threw their wickets away. I am going tomorrow with a few mates, so hopefully we will be a bit less pathetic tomorrow
  12. Hey test cricket is on !
    No, wait, look there, there is some paint drying.
    Awesome! Paint drying !!
  13. Seems to be a good morning wicket but doesn't do much in the Arvo. My prediction, SA will be all out just after lunch. Australia will get runs in the Arvo but won't be able to last long tomorrow.
  14. SA still has eight wickets in hand so they can afford to take a few risks with the bat today and there's still three days to go. I'm seeing a SA win here, or a brilliant Australian comeback.
  15. Looked like we were finally going to put these farkers in their place...till we're reminded of how much shit our batters will actually eat.
    Then to add insult to injury, their suicide bomber comes out and blasts a 150+... The commentator says "Michael Clark needs to make a slight adjustment..." No shit he needs to make a slight adjustment, he needs to start slapping his team mates around the ears.

    I mean Hussey and Warner are bowling? I know they're fresh from no time at the crease but ffs is this what a team in contention for the number one spot looks like in action?

    I think not.
    The lounge chair expert.
  16. And sock drawers to sort , yeah!
  17. it seems to me that for the longest time aussies couldnt buy a line and length ?
    take nothing away from amla though, this bloke is on it...
    sad times for australian cricket...
  18. Well at least there is no pressure on pointing.
  19. Guard of honour for Ponting and a four off the sixth delivery he faced. He should be right to go out now.