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Let's talk chillies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chilliman64, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Netriders, based on an epic thread derail where new NR KelzKelz asked me if I was a 'chilli connoiseur' and Andrew WestAndrew West and I just went on a tangent waffling on about peppers and hot sauce I thought the polite and correct thing to do was to start a dedicated topic.

    I love chillies. I love hot food. I have grown and eaten many of the superhot varieties plus many that weren't superhots.

    I've got a ton of sauce recipes to share if anyone wants them. I know a lot of people love chillies and hot curries so why not dedicate a topic to it?! we can talk about chilli varieties, growing, cooking preserving, how you became interested in them, hottest thing you've ever eaten, whatever.

    of course thread derails are acceptable and expected - I'll probably be responsible for most of them, lol!
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  2. I got started eating hot food by being introduced to a particularly spicy Mexican pizza sold by my local back in the 80's. from there I started growing chillies and trying to find hot sauces. it was hard to do in those days as we didn't have the internet. watching a tv personality called Jeff Janz talking about his homegrown habanero chillies and how hot they were got me started.

    every year I grow some chilli plants, a few years I got a little carried away and had over 30 plants, these days I grow about 6-8 plants and only a few favourite varieties. normally an orange habanero, a cayenne or goatsweed or maybe a thai birdseye, and something a little hotter, bhut jolokia/moruga scorpion etc.

    I have a dehydrator for drying pods (and making jerky) so I do also make chilli powder or flakes. also love to make my own mash or sauces. I eat chilli every day.

    adding to my nerdness, I have a decent collection of chilli books - recipes, growing, botanical, general interest. I'm also a moderator on a chilli forum that I have been a member of for quite a few years.
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  3. My interest to spicy heat came about years ago as a teenager myself and a few mates discovered Indian cuisine and we really had a taste for it. We did the usual 'I challenge the chef' when ordering beef vindaloo and more often than not the chef would win :wacky:.
    It wasn't till a few years later I realised chillies actually had flavour as well as heat and nuclear hot was not always the best way to enjoy a meal. These days I enjoy a good spicy meal and really enjoy growing a crop each year and cooking up several jars of chilli chutney (y)
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  4. I think we should start 'bring a chilli/sauce' on our rides
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  5. I make a pretty decent lamb curry, but it's probably pretty mild compared to what you guys like.

    I once had a friend open up a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce to get me to taste a bit, blew my head off, but the unfortunate part was that he had a tiny bit on his finger and proceeded to rub his eye... within seconds his eye was gushing with water and it took about two days for it to return to normal.
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  6. yes mate that stuff is more of a punchline than a food additive, it's wicked evil and tastes bad, doesn't play well with eyeballs or other sensitive body parts.
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  7. A slight derail but the same friend showed me that a nice jalfrezi can be massively improved by serving it with a nice blue cheese.... OMG!
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  9. Ahh really? See this is where I am a pure novice, though I do like a good vindaloo and having hot english mustard on my lamb sandwiches is a definite must... SibiSibi and our daughter always laugh at me as I'm sweating and grunting when I eat the lamb with HEM :)
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  10. I've only got into growing chillies in the last few years. We used to buy the dried ones when making our curries, but the flavour of home grown fresh chilli is so much better. I have no idea what types we grow. They are hot enough for most of our friends to take a mouthful of our rendang or vindaloo at lunch and never ask again.

    Our children have been forever damaged. They want chilli in their bolognaise sauce, and in their share houses, it causes all sorts of problems. They add a little bit for taste, not nough to be hot, and their house mates can eat it.

    I don't eat chilli every day, but most days, for lunch or dinner, or both.
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  11. Chilli's are all good and well but I'm more interested in the Jerky you speak of... I haven't done it yet but keep threatening to start making my own. Any advice or good resources you can suggest for starting out?
  12. Now that is bloody chilli commitment!(y)
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  13. hi DiffDiff making jerky is fun but can be a bit time consuming. if I make jerky I will usually do it on a long weekend when I am planning at being home for most of the time. a dehydrator is good to have but you can use your oven if you want to.

    I make it two different ways - one is to use whole meat and slice it thin, marinade then dehydrate; the other method is to use ground beef and use a device called a 'jerky cannon' (a quick google search and you'll see what I mean) essentially a caulking gun you fill with seasoned ground beef that you then shoot onto dehydrator trays. the whole meat produces a 'chewier' jerky (think Nobby's Jerky) while the cannon jerky is softer (think Jack Links).

    let me know what you want to know and I'll try to help.
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  14. you gotta know your enemy, besides mate, I am chilliman!
  15. Grew these last year

    they produced heaps of chillies
    hot crop.
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  16. Heard 'it' called many things before but that takes the cake :p
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  17. Do you grow quetzlzactenango chillis?
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  18. these are my favourite superhot, they have plenty of heat and I have never had any problem growing them. did you get them from Bunnings? I think I got some from there also last year. not sure they were grown from pure seeds though as they weren't as hot as other bhuts I'd grown.
  19. that's what it is mate
  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh D'oh :facepalm:
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