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Let's talk AFL

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ageg, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Couldn't really find a thread on afl talk, so I thought I might get one going if anyone is interested in talking about it.

    I support Geelong, I've been up an down about their form this yeah but after last nights game agains essendon, I think we are starting to heat up .

    Who do you guys support?. Who do you think has a good chance for the flag this year?. After today's performance against the pies, I think the hawks are looking really really strong.

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  2. Re: Afl

    I support Essendon, so I'm not talking to you right now.
  3. Re: Afl

    I support the Dogs so I'm depressed.
  4. Re: Afl

    HAWKS. Love beating Collingwood.
  5. Re: Afl

    Then you know how I feel. I'm a Melbourne member & supporter.
  6. Re: Afl

    That makes two of us... :(
  7. You and me both, mate. It's not easy being an MFC member/supporter
  8. Re: Afl

    I think the toughest act is being a Richmond supporter. They have been just woeful since the '80s.
  9. Re: Afl

    Only time a bomber will ever say this to you, but... well done.
  10. Re: Afl

    I'm a Bombers supporter...they are having ups and downs themselves just like Geelong.

    Oh how I hate inconsistency!
  11. Wow, lot of essendon supporters on here... Good to see there's not much pies supporters lol...

    Yeah I would hate to be a tigers supporter... That's a tough gig for them haha, a few weeks a go they were looking great at priming up for finals, but now... Back to their usual ways.

    Essendons sliding down the ladder a bit, I think mainly due to injuries, they have trained them hard this year to increase bulk size so there's always going to be injuries until their body is used to the work load... Next year should be a good one for them.

    Im rather impressed with geelongs play atm, not too flash but they are getting the jobs done, Friday night was a great look and hopefully gets more consistent. Also looking forward to the new up and comers, geelongs not down and out by a long shot .
  12. Re: Afl

    Dish Licker fan for over 54 yrs, and a paid up member for 18 of them, and I still havent seen a bloody grandfinal .....
  13. Re: Afl

    Crows of course being a crow eater. Look forward to the game against Geelong next week, should be a ripper, the cats are looking hot at the moment and the Crows come off a convincing win against the eagles.
  14. Re: Afl

    Not that into afl, more into rugby as its what i grew up with, but i go for essendon..
  15. Re: Afl

    if you buy a Hawks membership you'll see one this year
  16. Re: Afl


    Last night was pretty damn good from where I was sitting :)
  17. Re: Afl

    Yeah they're on the improve, still probably a couple years before being serious final contenders. We also had a fairly easy first half of season, which kept us a little higher on the ladder than we should have been otherwise, but it's a bit tougher in the games ahead, no easy games coming up. Hopefully we can stay in the eight... :eek:hno:

    *Standard excuse* Doesn't help that Hurley didn't have a preseason:bolt:
  18. You weren't looking too good before half time. Looked like the dogs had ran out of legs, if it wasn't for dalhouse, you guys would of smashed the doggies.

    What's everyone ones takes on gc and Gws?. Who do you think will get a flag first an become a real contender?. The past fe weeks gc have been looking ok for their second year, but not really performing to the standard I thought they would be at in their second year.

    Gws will be a amazing side in the next couple of seasons, their attack on the ball looks a lot better then gc. I reckon Gws will get a flag before gc.
  19. Re: Afl

    At least they had a Grand Final win in 1980.... and they beat Collingwood

    Have to go back to 1964 for Melbourne's last win, which over Collingwood as well. I wasn't at the one, but I was at 1988 and 2000 Grand Finals which didn't go so well for us.
  20. Re: Afl

    It will take 5 years for either side to become a threat. GC really performed better than they ought in the first year so this year is probably where they should be.