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Lets talk about fat guy pants.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by scandyflick, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. First off, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. It's my first day. /Homer Simpson.

    Now, onwards;

    Looking for some advice and guidance regarding textile riding pants from gentlemen of the longer legged and larger waisted build.

    I'm new to riding, and went shopping for gear today (gear before bike, makes sense to me), and I'm leaning towards Dririder, their fit is excellent, especially in the jackets, I found the RST's to be too short in the torso, and the Alpinestars... well, they're lovely, but made for people of a much smaller build than I.

    So now onto the topic at hand, RST apparently don't make any pants above 2XL, and I find myself fitting comfortably in a Dririder Nordic 5XL.
    My real problem here is the paints themselves fit fine, the leg is long enough, the waist is comfortable, thighs are accommodating (there's and excellent pick up line if ever I've heard one), but the knee pads sit way too low, even in a riding position, the top of the plate sits in about the middle of my knee.
    And they're not adjustable.
    The salesman seemed a bit stumped, and wasn't really able to provide much in the way of guidance towards Dririder pants with adjustable knee armour.

    So after that novella, any advice from the larger rider among us? I'm quite keen to keep leaning towards Dririder (again, the fit is excellent for the most part), but if I have to look elsewhere... Well, you know.


    tl;dr, I want 5XL Dririder textile pants with adjustable knee armour.
  2. Wear individual knee pads.. Knox make good ones.

    This what I sometimes wear under my Draggins as the armour doesn't quite sit where i'd like.
  3. I had a similar issue with dririder pants, but what I found is that when I get on the bike, I can pull up on the pants around my quads before I set off and the knee pads fit comfortable and stay put while I ride. They're comfortable like this while riding.

    This obviously isn't ideal, but it works for me.
  4. You have the same issues as me, except I can't find pants for a chubby, short guy. All the larger sizes are just too long, I've got a pair of kevlar jeans that fit well but will need to be taken up a few inches. In terms of jackets, dri-rider are great (albeit the sleeves are a little long for me) but I've also got a Rjay's jacket that is large with shorter sleeves that fits me comfortably.

    Then there's the issue of finding helmets that fit my oddly shaped, over sized cranium.. sigh.
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  5. You have come across the reason that many people order custom leathers, not every one is built the same size and length.

    If you can't find something that fits well then that may be your next option.
  6. Ive been buying my gear off Matt from www.FINN-MOTO.com.au .Matt's a great bloke, always eager to help. Imports his gear from all round the world. Check out his website, send him a message Im sure he'll be more than happy to assist.
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  7. Draggin do larger sizes, you often won't find them hanging on the rack but they have them available online along with good fitment charts.

    Draggin do a rang of different waist heights as well as leg lengths.

    As for the legs, too long is good you just get them taken up there is bound to be someone in your local shopping centre that can do it very professionally.
  8. Not just a guy's problem! At the other end of the height spectrum, I have to buy guys sizes to fit around my girls but the elbow armour becomes wrist armour. My jacket size is labeled stout..:( what an attractive term to ask for in clothing! Especially when yelled to a colleague in the crowded Auburn MCA...I suddenly found that the shoelaces on my bike boots were undone. :)
    Pants ha...if I didn't excise about 2 metres off my wet weather pants I would look like one of those inflatable bendy flapping things you see outside of a used car lot!
    Had to cut about 60 cm off my kevlars...after remedial surgery on them the knee join is now the ankle join...

    Leathers on this bod...choke...laugh..sob... To quote from the movie Steel Magnolias.... i would look "like a coupla hogs wrestling under a picnic blanket " ... Or getting thrown around on a ninj ;)

    Good luck!
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  9. The US online-store "Motoport" make, reputedly, very good custom-fit gear. They seem to have a great reputation among US riders but haven't made much of an impact elsewhere. That said, I think you'd end up paying more (but expecting much more).
  10. I'm ridiculously OCD about some things, and the way road armour fits is apparently going to be one of them, so doubling up and bunching makes me feel all odd. Haha.
    Solid suggestions though. I'll probably end up getting different pads for the jeans, for some reason I reckon I can put up with that.

    Don't even get me started on sorting out helmets, sales people have to suppress laughter. Shit is messed up.
    At 6'4" and 140kg with gorilla arms, weird legs, wide hands and huge feet, I reckon I've done well to only run into trouble with the pants. I do wish Dainese gear would fit though, they make some damn good stuff.

    Sigh, custom stuff. I had thought of it, but the cost will no doubt be prohibitive, and I wouldn't know where to begin.

    Oooooh, cheers for that!

    Only problem is finding a local stockist to see how they fit...

    Yup, got a couple pairs of Draggin's coming in to try for summer.

    Hadn't really thought of altering the textiles.

    Ha, that's rough. Sounds a lot like the dramas everyone else in my family goes through when buying just about anything. I definitely lucked out in that regard.


    That is one of the best quotes I've ever heard!

    Yeah right... I'll have to look into them, cheers!
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  11. I feel your pain, last time I tried on helmets I had the store clerk say that he could probably spin the helmet around on his head.. yet it was tight on me. :arghh:
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