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Lets talk about.. Boots!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JenStarlette, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. I've done a search and can find a lot of information on f*&k all.. :)

    Im after a pair of boots to go with the leathers, am happy to buy online and I'm after alpinestars (Smallest sizes are a Euro 36, which is great for the chicks..)

    Soooo people.. please feel free to throw some links this way to order online..

    That would just make my life so much easier :wink:
  2. I have to agree; there are so many variations in sizing of everything these days, trying things on is highly recommended.

    Of course, that poses the crisis of conscience of trying something on in your local bike shop when you have no intention of buying there.....
  3. Boots & helmets, would never buy online.
  4. If you're a mongrel bastard like me, you can try on the sizing in a bike store and then just order the appropriate size over the net.
  5. Yeah boots are difficult to buy online... you really need to wear them and walk around a bit to find a proper fit. after you've been to PS to try them on check here www.kneedraggers.com :grin:

    I wonder if Bikemart in Ringwood still have the Sidi Vert2 for $300.
  6. Thats the plan :wink:

    Trying to find a site that has some reasonable difference in price compared to buying in the store. May as well just buy in the store if the shipping bumps the price up to about the same all around..
  7. Jen, consider coming along with us (Undii and myself so far) when we go to get gear. I'm sure it won't be difficult to get 10% off that way... maybe more if we're lucky.
  8. Is the website www.kneedraggers.com an American based company trading in American $$$$$
    If they are it doesn't seem that they are much cheaper than here, plus you dont get the whole garantee thing going on
  9. Just a couple of comments from personal experience...

    Although the alpinestars are made in size 36 and above I had a lot of trouble getting them in anything below a 39... and also found them to be small in size (usually I would be a 39 but the alpinestars were a 38 when I bought them a fair few years ago)... that is if you want anything other than black boots :)

    The SIDI boots were easier to get hold of in colours and I found I was back to a 39 (which I think may be the smallest they go)... and once again purely on personal experience, easier to get hold of in Sydney than Melb.

    Good luck - once I got the coloured boots I have hung onto them for life! :wink: