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Let's Talk 4x4

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TheForgotten, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. So I'm looking for a used 4x4 and I'm looking for advice/suggestions from anyone who knows more than I do.
    Budget is around $10k including rego/insurance and transport if it isn't local.
    Main use will be shopping trolley/taxi, but with the ability to go offroad (mud/sand, not climbing the side of Uluru) particularly for camping.
    Now I'm leaning toward Toyota for reliability, and for reasons I can't explain I'm drawn toward the Hilux surf. But in saying that I'm hesitant because it's a grey import.
    I have a personal hatred of landcruisers/patrols in suburban settings, but preliminary advice has been to not discard prado and pajero for capability with a bit of luxury (compared to my pov-pack commodore, anything is luxo).

    So yeah
  2. Ute or wagon? I would suggest a prado as a wagon, they are reliable and you only need to be distantly related to an oil sheik to drive one. Land cruiser are expensive to buy, expensive to run. I have a Navara twin cab ute that is indestructible and can go literally anywhere.
  3. I'm neither here not there with the body shape.
    Yeah navaras are recommended but the affordable early models look shit imo
  4. Surfs are bomb proof as with Hilux, older NAVs can have a few issues, watch out for x mine/ coastal 4x4s(there's definite warning signs) as said prev the prados are great for a wagon and pretty much a baby cruiser with comfort. If your in vic I can send you details of my old boss(specialist in commercials) If he doesn't have what you want he can source them and give a bucket load of advice.
  5. So
    Sorry Chook but I may have to disagree with the "bomb proof" statement, I have had the misfortune of owning a Surf and while they have everything on board, electric windows, mirrors, air con etc, I found my 2.4lt deisel to be so damn slow that on most morning I got passed by the school bus, and if it spotted a hill I swear teh bastard used to give up before it even got to it. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. We now have an 80 series glandbruiser that has towed our 23' caravan plus camping gear and 12 foot tinnie for 18000km half way round Australia and is still going strong, I was warned off the earlier 100 series and have been more than happy with what our 80 can do, I still use it for towing but it's main use now is getting me to those hard to find fishing spots.
  6. Never said they were fast nobby :p 80 series are awsome, hold their value too.
  7. never liked the surf but just a normal hilux is the way i would go 2.8 diesel with aftermarket turbo and snorkel
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    I prefer Toyota too...preferably a Land Cruiser Troop Carrier....they are bullet proof...taken one to many outback places...including Sydney to Canning stock Route and back....It consistently out performed some of the newer model 4 x 4's

    Hiluxes fall over....
  9. Tough question. As middo said, you need to work out if you want a ute or a wagon.
    Most wagons will out-perform the utes off the road ( utes have long bums and usually crappy torsion-bar front suspension ). Wagons usually have more tech, more safety stuff and better everything else. More comfort, too.
    However, utes are plentiful, mods are also easy to come by and you can carry more stuff ( generally ).
    Me, I have had Toyotas ( 80, 100 ), Patrol ( GU ), Disco, RR, Paj ( x2 ) and more Jeeps than I can count. Most of them bought new and I rack up 100k+ per year, a fair portion of that on trails or even 'off-trail'.
    All have their strong points and trust me, all have their weak. The Toyota reliability myth is just that, a myth. That's not to say they are bad, just don't automatically think they are indestructible or even superior to other brands. I broke both of my Tojos, but haven't had a major breakage in anything else. I still rate the 80 and the early 100, though. My cousin is on his third Prado and has given up trying to follow me. I'm also tired of his heavy foot breaking front diffs.
    At the end of the day, you need to work out what compromises you are happy with on a day-to-day basis. You also need to work out whether you will travel 'heavy' or 'light'.
    Bloody hard to beat a 80/100 Series Toymota or a GU Pootrol if you like travelling heavy.
    If you like travelling light and don't mind something different ( and you're less than 6' tall ), try an XJ Cherokee. Light, fantastic power-to-weight, cheap parts and enormous aftermarket support.
  10. I'v had fwd's for the last 25+ years, mostly tojos. My current ride is a 80 series, which is petrol on gas and gives reasonable k/l.As was mentioned earlier you only have to be a second cousen to an oil skeik. It was my full time run around but now has become the family spare. It stilk goes any where in reasonable comfort and they fit into your price range.With kids if yours are like mine ( that was when they didn'd mind being seen going camping with dad) we could back it up to the front door and they could ,with the help of their mother, empty most of the contents of the house into it, and that was just for the weekend.
    Now its mostly me and the dog heading up the bush to go fishing. They are a fairly ruggard go any where and tow just about anything but still still do it in comfort.
  11. Just bought the 'modern fishing' mag for $10 today and it came with 'action + magazine' which has an article on the best 4wd. Discusses pros and cons and what upgrades to do. May be worth your while to check it out.