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Let's Start a Bike Chain.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Ok, here's an fun activity that I've seen work well on other forums.
    The rules are simple...
    All you have to do is post a pic which contains something in the pic which links it back to the previous image.
    The pics have to be motorcyling related. They don't have to be your own but extra points will be awarded if you post a pic of your own bike.
    I'll do a couple to get things rolling.
    Have fun.


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    Water............. game3.
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    Red Bike................................ game4.
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    Your turn......................... :) :) :)
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  6. me+snowy+mountain+road+2. following on thru the snowy mountains..
  7. Grass on hillside!

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  8. black and red...
  9. I think you may have painted us into a corner :)
  10. ok.. then.. how 'bout to follow on.. (looks like a) black bike.. through a hairpin.. knee down..

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    Much Better, Lots of things to choose from in that.


  12. My Post #13 that led to Arlennnn's has a broken link and has locked so I can't edit it. :( The pic was

  13. So boys and girls from Bulls we get Leather :)

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  14. Woman in leather.... this is me, so extra points :)

    (Sorry, doesn't really compare, does it??)

  15. Wow, they're nearly all red and black bikes, for sure.
  16. 3 bikes
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