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Let's set up gymkhana?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dima, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I'd really love to try some of the moto gymkhana stuff.
    But have no idea how/where to set it up, how to start with it, etc.

    Anyone keen to try out?

    (Maybe change some Saturday practice cones for that, he-he :) )

    Any suggestions on that? Does anyone wants to actually try doing it?

  2. Public liability BS is the biggest problem in this country with setting up stuff like that. Overseas I've seen it done in unused carparks on weekends (and pocket bike racing out front of Government offices), but that's not really an option here unless you want to risk being sued for everything you own when some numpty chooses to blame you for crashing.

    So short of finding suitable (insured) facilities, forming your own club, getting CAMS accreditation, etc - you're probably best off just approaching existing motorkhana clubs and seeing if they might be interested in adding bikes to their events.

    Oh and it's something I'm certainly interested in trying. Seems to be a much cheaper option than regular track racing in terms of both the bike required, and the cost of repairs.
  3. Ring up Motorcycling Australia in South Melbourne and ask for Rob Smith. He's super keen to get some demo gymkhana's up and running.
  4. I'm really happy to help anyone with setting up a club and helping with practice techniques. I have quite a close association with the MotoGymkhana guys in the UK which may be useful. I was talking to Motorcycling Victoria earlier this week as it happens with regard to the issue of insurance and its something that is not indurmountable so long as a suitable venue can be found.

    Gonna be doing some practice this weekend for sure.
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  5. bullshit
  6. If public liability comes into it, then all the learner sessions run and advertised on this site would be in the same boat would they not?
  7. Everybody signs a waver against personal and public liability and has a sound mind and knows what they are doing is dangerous and can cause personal damage.
    If it's a ride somewhere, you don't disclose where you are riding too and that sidesteps liability on rides. Because it's not an organized ride if you have no destination. Not sure if they have closed that hole yet.

    I tried a few councils up this way to get a Sunday learners session in up here. And I know a few of them, and no go at all. They all stated the Public Liability shoite too. So I got no idea. Noosa council use to be ok, same with Maroochy. Now it's all one big shit fight council and nothing is getting done up here.
  8. You ever tried organising a major public event before?

    I know I have, and the professional legal advice that was given to me was that even for a simple conference I needed cover in the order of a couple of million. Basically waiver's don't mean shit if someone can prove negligence or some degree of accountability on the part of the organiser, and having insurance certainly beats trying to contest such claims in court using your own money (with no guarantee of getting costs awarded even if you win).
  9. Be easier to do a dirt bike or quad hire day at a facility set up for it.
  10. I'd reckon a gokart track would be ideal

  11. So if public liability and legals are such big issues, how come the Saturday practice is being run for years?

    Not having a go or anything, just can't see how setting up gymkhana would be different to the cones on Sat.

    And of course I'm not talking about a tournament or anything similar. Just casual kind of stuff to try and have a little fun on occasion.

    In any case, I'm keen to try but don't have cones, don't know good space, how it is set up etc, etc.
  12. Depending on what you want to do. You don't need much. What do you want to do ??
    Be fun to watch big cruisers and Sporties compete in something out of both their leagues. Clover leafs? Braking contests, slaloms and roll backs...now that is funny watching cruisers guys do that cause legs cant stop one of those on a decent incline. I luv watching people crash..other than me :)
  13. They are always way too slow for me. I get bored.
  14. For the same reason school fetes sell cakes without a valid food safety accreditation. People will worry about the consequences if something ever actually happens.

    Organised motorsport is a very different thing though. There's very specific laws against any sort of competitive trials on public roads/land without prior Police approval - even if you don't exceed the speed limit or break any other road laws (just the fact you're competing is enough).
  15. oh really? :D
  16. I thought you meant *with* GoKarts. You mean a gokart track on bikes? It's the GoKarts that I want to fit a booster to.
    I need mud and slush or sand dunes.
  17. I think it would be a fun picnic for the family

  18. coming from a car racing/drifting background i think your best bet would be to find out if there is a go kart track near by that they let cars drift on. we used to hire out an old karting track for $600 for 6 hours in the arvo into the night. we only had about 10 or 12 of us using it for that time so it really didnt cost much. that covered all insurance and all that stuff that normal people dont want to deal with.
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  19. Saturday practice is technically not an organised event. It could be argued that Doug or I put cones out and if people choose to join in then that is up to them. So no organisers and therefore no organiser liability. There is also the issue of what advice the learner has been given and whether that advice may have made the person giving it liable. Same issues pretty much applies to regular rides such as the Sunday Learner Ride or just about any other casual ride advertised in Netrider.
    Notwithstanding this if there was an accident and if the person decided to sue, the question of liabilty is to me still vague and at least I suspect people could be up for legal costs of defence if not full liability. I am no lawyer but I doubt it is as clear cut as there is no liability.

    If you look at my submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry, you will see I did briefly mention the issue of liability and suggested that there was a need/opportunity for the government to assist such events by protecting the volunteer coaches by accepting the liability as they do with other volunteer organisations that provide a service such as SES and CFA.

    A gymkhana by definition has to be more organised and so the liklihood that organisers could be liable becomes greater.

    The other way in which liability affects such events is in finding a venue. If someone has a suitable carpark/paved area typically they do not want any possibility of being seen as liable either so they tend to simply refuse permission for its use which is the easiest way to avoid liability, however short of that they would ususally insist on the organisiner carrying public liability insurance, which depending on how the insurer sees the risk could be prohibitively expensive.

    Also you need a bigger space for gymkhana and if you need to hire a venue and recoup the hire money with an entry fee, but start charging an entry fee and the liklihod that you are liable goes up another notch.

    So not saying it can't be done, just saying that I suspect the public liability issue will be a greater risk than Sat Practice which I suspect is already a risk.

    Having said all that, if you can organise such an event, I am in.
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  20. #20 dima, Jan 17, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2013
    Just talked to Rob Smith from MA.

    He said practising gymkhana is just a matter of finding a good parking lot and isn't a big problem.

    But for something more serious he wants to find a place from one of the training companies (deca) and cover the public liability by purchasing recreational MA licenses ($20 or so I believe).

    It apparently is in progress and hopefully one day will be available to us.
    Hope we will be able to help him somehow.

    In the meanwhile, any suggestions on large parking lot and setup for practice?
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