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Lets Put this to Bed - Hyo250 vs Kawa 250 - MCN REVIEW

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dougz, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Finally - a (semi) proper comparison of the two bikes. MCN has done a video review and says what most of us have been saying for ages - the Hyosung is rubbish. Performs well, but "will fall apart in 12 months" :LOL:

    So get that up ya Hyo lovers :p

  2. I had a ride on the 250R on the weekend. It looked sweet, it was fun to ride and had a really smooth clutch. The only downsides were that it didn't fit me (my legs are too long) and that the thing is WAY to quiet! It sounded like a small kitten compared to my Staintune...
  3. So as the saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed......

    :shock: BTW how big are those number plates!
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  5. Yeah, it's a twin :? So?

    It's still cheaply made rubbish.
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    You sound like a hyophobe with closet syndrome. Relax a bit!

    But if you want to be anal about it, FYI there are plenty of the things out there running perfectly fine. Eg. cgixXvRPNjQ[/media]]Adilz's GT250R which has done a ridiculous amount of track time for a Hyo and is now pushing close to 30,000km on the odo. I just sold mine after a year's ownership, coincidentally the exact same amount of time hypothetically proposed in MCN's video review and it has had no major issues other than worn rubber! People don't complain about the good times so you're not going to hear about them. Duh. The sales figures speak for its success.

    He is right about the paint, it's not A grade - I wouldn't put it beside a BMW but then again even they have orange peel through their paint so where do you draw the line? He's also correct about the rust, however I think he should have been more specific; the way he talks it sounds like the whole thing has gone golden. The only two rust issues (and I've only experienced one of them) from all my internet trolling that I've discovered are rust prone bolts in the side mirrors and a tendancy for the sphincter of the fuel tank to rust should you spill excessive amounts of fuel on it and not clean it. Good news is the bolts are covered under warranty and if you're not an idiot there's no reason you should be spilling fuel all over the inner mouth of your fuel tank.
  7. Did you know that a brand new GT250R is meant to cost $3600+ORC?

    It's not a typo, and expecting quality at that price is a bit too much I reckon.
  8. Dougz, you have a great career ahead of you in political reporting; you selectively picked two bad things out of lots of good things this bloke said about the Hyosung :roll:. Australian experience (and English too) makes him look a right dope; they do not fall apart after 12 months, any more does any other bike.

    As observed, you only hear the whinges, here and elsewhere, not the enjoyment of thousands of silent owners.

    And in the real world, what is going to be the choice? A 20 year old clapped out Honda of dubious provenance, or a BRAND-NEW bike with warranty and service back-up, for around the same price? Hyosung are laughing :LOL:.
  9. this topic of trash talking hyos is beginning to annoy.

    If people want to buy them thats their choice you don't have to live with their decision. Its their money.
  10. Not to worry, he's still removing that Hyo birthmark.
  11. True, but part of the reason people come here and ask questions is to get a sense of the realworld performance of the bikes. Given that we've had a couple of actual hyosung owners here telling their horror stories, that's something I'd definitely like to be informed of if I was thinking of buying one. Or should we just all sound like Hyosung brochures? There's a pretty balanced picture given, and then people can make up their own mind. I don't see anyone saying 'You're an idiot for buying/riding a Hyosung'. Some praise them, some advise caution. FWIW I thought the video interview actually said a number of veyr nice things about the Hyo, particularly for a bigger rider.
  12. From listening to some of these 'clayton' mechanics on here its no wonder why these bikes are having problems (mind you not every single one).

    It seems that nOObs are too keen to try and service a new bike themselves in some instances and save a hunderd bucks here or there rather than get the maintenance done properly.

    Simple equation, if you can't afford the service or insurance..... Else don't whinge.
  13. Dead right. Who's old enough to remember everybody knocking the Hyundais when they were released on to the market? Cheap crap? Poorly finished? Nowhere near as good as a real car?

    Time will tell with the Hyo, but I reckon that they are perfectly positioned to be the Hyundai of motorcycling. ie. you'll get what you pay for, terrific value, an excellent first ownership proposition, and they'll eventually (with a bit of t & c) last for years.
  14. And time has proven that the early ones were poorly made, so those people were right. The reputation they earned as a result is still hurting them now, even though their quality does seem to have improved substantially.

    Hyosung seem to be repeating exactly the same mistakes.
  16. Didn't need to try, my parents Excel died at very low mileages due simply to the engine being made from shit metal - the same problem Hyo seem to have.
    Better value for money would be something like a Toyota Echo/Corolla - slightly higher new price, but vastly improved build quality, reliability and resale. And the same applies to bikes. A Hyo may be slightly cheaper, but the resale on an SV650 or 250 Ninja will likely be a lot better than with the equivalent Hyo.
  17. I'm not sure what their "mistake" is.
    Whether it be cheap bikes, TVs, LCD screens or any other item , the buy cheap then complain market makes companies rich. People will biatch and moan, but at the end of the day these "cheap" products often make more profit than the "well made" ones.

    The mistake is with the consumers.
  18. It doesn't matter whether they're good or not - the truth is that they provide a good replacement to make jokes about now that there aren't as many girlie hand bags (sorry Suzuki Acrosses) around. :LOL: :p
  19. yes the ninja looks good but was not available at the time I got my GT250. I still stand by mine it was a great bike for a first bike.
  20. The mistake is that selling cheap products that fall apart initially makes it almost impossible to try and sell "premium" products later on. Hyundai are already facing this problem with the fact that even if they make a car better than say a BMW, they'd still have to sell it for far less for most people to even consider it.
    Likewise Hyosung will face problems if they try moving into categories where a reputation for quality is extremely important for sales (eg supersports, sports-tourers, etc.).