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Lets import me a bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Booth, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Howdy all.

    Being a ducati nutter, after perusing the american site, i came across this....


    According to the linky, the 848 is a staggering $12995 US. OR $13846.82.

    Now it might just be me, but thats a significant saving on said motorcycle.

    Has anyone ever imported a "new" bike. What am i up against in terms of importing it myself?

    I assume compliance is a key issue. And import tax. Can anyone give me some advice in regards to this?
  2. Why do we get at least one of these posts each week?

    Personal imports have been done to death on NR. Do a search.
  3. As I understand theres a few methods for importing vehicles (at least with cars anyway)
    1 way is owning the vehicle for at least 1 year in the country of origin (whilst you lived there), then you can import it fairly easily.
    next way is SEVS (cant remember what it stands for), where if you want to register/comply a vehicle is must be on a approved list. Vehicles that are already sold here can not be complied (unless it was made before/after it was sold here locally).
    There was something else about a 15 year rule, but nfi if that still exists.
    This is all for cars mind you, and Im not sure if its any different for bikes.

    so my guess is, No. you wont be able to import the 848 and register/comply it here (seeing as you havent owned one for a year oversears). Also if you could, the red tape would be a PITA.
  4. Wait till he gets the Freight, Customs & GST bills, yep GST is charged on landing by the customs clearing company!
  5. If it was for a track bike and you imported it in pieces as 'parts' it might be worth it.

    But for a new bike to road register? Prolly not.
  6. better yet go and live in the US
  7. u want a saving buy said bike crashed and repairable write of.
  8. More importantly, not legal with a bike that already exists in Australia, end of story!

    Sorry Booth, keep saving!
  9. There was a 1098 at Fowles last month that sold for about 13k from memory with a snapped peg and cosmetic damage(scratches only, some deep), but everything still intact, so with the new peg you could have easily ridden it.
  10. Interesting.

    Ive thought about the auctions. I ended up buying an rvf400 as my new tracky. I would like a new 848 though.

    Ive got issues with frame straightness from auctions.
  11. Chances are you can assess for yourself the straightness of a frame and anything you can't see can likely be fixed by someone like ylwgtr who has a alignment jig. I have found that many of the bikes at Fowles are very soft write offs. Take the two i have bought, both front smashes with no structural damage(one slightly buckled wheel which was straightened) and needed only things like plastics, gauges, air intake ducts etc...

    Problem you have is if you want a specific bike like a 848, you have to wait for one to pop up (or go and run someone down) and then you have many others waiting for the same bike as it is a rare find at the auctions.
  12. Auctions in my mind are for track bikes. As you have proved a fair bit triway. You done a good job on the repairs of the first bike etc. Still waiting on some updates of the second.

    I guess its still cheaper to get a relative in the states to buy, it, sit it there, for a year, come for a holiday, then sell it. Would i pay 5-9 grand to have the bike earlier? Almost absolutely.

    I looked into a while ago, importing a 999 from the UK, there worth about 5000 pounds over there second hand in decent condition with low km/s. It was to solely be a track bike. I had one lined up and ready to go, was going to cost 11k landed. I had no interest in rego. Then my 1600 dollar rvf came along. Problem solved.
  13. All busted bits removed.
    clutch master cylinder
    tyres....Mmmmmmm slicks :cool:
    Steering damper
    upper loom

    On the way,
    Upper fairing bracket
    front brake lever
    Race glass

    Just waiting on some eBay auctions to finish for the rest. Hopefully ready by 4th April Ride day at PI.
  14. I'll see you there! SV repaired, needs a shakedown run for the IC round the following week.
  15. Pressure! I can't stand the pressure.............

    Fingers crossed it all arrives on time, the race glass is gonna be the hold up if anything.
  16. Won't work.

    You need documentary evidence that both you and the bike have been in the same country for the relevant time.
  17. Not to mention they pay a carnet to bring the bike to Aus to say they won't offload it here which they lose if they do offload it here...

    Booth, if you want a cheaper 848 go get a job at a Ducati shop :wink:
  18. Bring it in in bits, buy a wrecked one (or even just a frame), use locally wrecked bike's numbers to register here without hassle and to avoid duties.

    Regards, Andrew.