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Lets give this another try.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by echoinkdesign, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself.
    Im a 25 year old male from Enmore, Sydney. This is my second attempt at the motorbike lifestyle.

    Previously I owned a CBR250RR, big mistake, for me anyway. Here's why.

    Being my first bike, all I wanted was the sportiest bike I could find and an I4 that reved to 20K RPM put the blinders on me for any other bike choice. Everyone I asked about bike selection said "Dont do it mate, they're old, uncomfortable and will be a terrible commuter. They're only good on a track"

    They were right.....

    It was terrible to ride for any length of time that extended past 30 mins. The riding position was that bad you were hyper extending your neck to get a view of the road in front of you.

    On top of all I think the worst thing of all was I didnt trust the bike. It felt old, it felt tired. It did little to inspire confidence in a novice. Because of this my progress was hindered. Now dont get me wrong, this isn't a "you should or shouldn't do this" post but these are the things i've learnt as a young person refusing to listen to people who knew better than I.

    Now, I'm entering the motorcycle world again and have my pre learners booked for next Monday. This time around I intend to use my head to choose a bike and not go for the one with the "hoon" rep. Riding position over looks and torque over HP. Having said that I think the GS500 will be ,y steed of choice after I get my license.

    Anyhow thats my rant and rave, to any youngsters reading this... Listen to to people who have been riding for years, they know what they're talking about.
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  3. Welcome mate. There are a few riding your current bike and they love it.
    Good choice,

  4. never owned a cbr250rr but did have 2 * zxr250's which are much the same bike.

    As you said, they aren't a great learner bike. However back when 250's were the only option i did enjoy the extra power (over my original gpx) whilst on the latter stages of my p's. As you said though, the bike required an awful lot of finesse. At age 20, i could handle it. At 30... there is no way i would deal with it again now,

    More importantly i honestly cant believe they still sell for $7k. I guess it just proves how many people out there want to get a "sports" learner bike... im surprised the manufacturers don't capitalise a bit more on this. Imagine a modern day one of these.. i can only assume its not possible due to emission restrictions.

    GS500 is a great bike. As is the cbr250r (new one) and the ninja 250. Hopefully this time you will enjoy riding a lot more.
  5. I started out on a GS500 too. Was with me for a solid 2 years, before I traded up for a Gixxer 750 K8..!! I ride a Gixxer 750 L1 now :D

    Awesome bike to learn on, very easy to ride.
    The power to weight ratio meant this beauty had enough power to keep things fun!

    GS500 was an excellent choice for me back then, and I'm confident it will be a good choice for you too.
    Learner bikes are suppose to allow the rider to learn, and the GS500, although doesn't look as flash as other sporties, it does tick all the right boxes (y)
  6. Welcome to NR. (y)
  7. welcome to NR, enjoy the second round :)