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Let's get down and dirty

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by enigma--, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. So, after at least a year of umming and uhhing, putting off buying and what not... ive finally gone and got myself a dirty.

    its an '01 drz400e, 8000km (mostl;y road, im told), bashplate... mostly looks stock, which suits me.

    the plan is to buy a motard set up for it, so i can switch between that and dirt, and still have my sv for longer trips.

    anywho, have some pics with some (probably rubbish) editing!



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  2. i hope you're going to buy motard wheels for this beast ;)
  3. just lodged tax (which will pay for them), currently searching for a set mate :)
  4. braaaap
    come dirt riding with me one day! you'll blow the doors of me ;)
  5. haha, ill take you up on that happily enough, though there will be no door blowing going on, i am a well certified complete dirt noob!

    plan is serviced and rwc so i can xfer rego properly... rip all those stupid stickers off :p and get a motard kit. also, knobbies for these current rims, i reckon.
  6. got roughly the same plan as you, 50/50 tires on the takasgo rims so I can ride the bike to the dirt and a motard conversion for pure road riding. It'll take me a while to get the motard conversion happening though, for now it's road tyres on the stock rims :(

    this may be of interest to you http://home.exetel.com.au/bkm/cast-wheels-motard-drz/drz400-cast-wheels-cbr250-cheap.htm
  7. oooo that looks nice
  8. Is that a FORD sticker?!
    Nice photography, the bike looks awesome!

    Is that the stock tool kit on the back?
  9. If you're going to venture any further off road than dry dirt/gravel roads, then you will be wanting to change those tyres quick smart. Plenty of road legal knobbies are available these days. Be warned, they kick up a racket on the road though, and if it rains, they are pretty greasy on sealed roads.
    In my opinion, that is the biggest problem with dual purpose dirt bikes.
  10. thanks everyone :)

    i think so, havent had a good look through it, will do once back from mechanic :) and yes, that is a ford sticker. as i said, most of them are going :p

    thanks mate, i assumed these wouldnt get me far!

    plan is (hopefully doesnt sound to foolish!):

    bike back Weds or Thurs... rwc'd and serviced.
    buy gear in the morning (just a basic kit for now)
    waiting for my tax to come through to buy motard kit... but im keen as mustard to hit the dirt.. so..

    chain and sprockets. i didnt check current sizes but i think it was 14front, 44 rear, but will confirm. this is ok for the road... but dirt?

    13/49or50 is what i was recomended... and quoted $300 ish j ust for that. how easy a job is it? im more than happy to learn and if needed, recruit some help doing it.

    following that, get a set of knobbies, hopefully just road legal ones, and give the dirt a crack :)

    ramble - over.
  11. $300 to supply and fit sprockets is too much. the chain length may be too short now with the 14/44 gearing to reach 13/49. looking at your adjusters i think that it may not make it. :( but not real sure on drz;'s. i think 14/44 would be fine for the road with these wheels, but motard wheels are a bit smaller in diameter so the gearing will be slightly shorter. you wont know until you ride it though.

    for more on gearing go into gearingcommander.com and search up your bike and have a play around with different gearing. will show up speeds in gears etc.

    why do you want 'road legal' knobbies? not just regular ones?
  12. thanks always jimmy!

    i suspect the chain will be to short, bikemart said ~$161 for the same parts, im gonna give it a crack myself. thanks for that link, will have a look-see.

    i wasnt thinking road legal knobbies, just that roarin mentioned it.

    i think ill just go full blown dirt knobbies, medium terrain? i reckon. that, with the new sprockets and chain will keep me entertained until i get some more cash and buy some tard wheels :)
  13. You going to trailer your bike to the dirt -or ride it?
  14. for the dirt, probably trailer. depends how long it takes till i get both set ups happening, but i do still have my roady for, well, the road.

    kinda stuck in my thinking atm, lol. running out of money quickly doesnt help either :p
  15. if you ever feel like riding the bike to the dirt rather than trailering it, which I imagine would get rather old if you did it often enough, pirelli rallycross MT21's. i had a rear on my bike and it stuck wet or dry on the tarmac, better than the trailwing, and blew the doors off the trailwing in the dirt. but they don't last for as long as other ones.
    if budget concious, order some Shinko 244s from rocky mountain atv in the US, those tyres have good reviews and shipping is very good from rocky mountain atv.
  16. A set of Dunlop d606 are road legal knobbies and will serve you for both road and dirt, dedicated off road tyres don't last long and if your a noob and tight with cash the get d606 or mt21 like supreme pro kernel said.

    Kernel you got your bike on the dirt yet.
    You guys coming out bush or what ?
    I take you all out for a day in easy stuff if you want !!!!
  17. Yeah I have... on bloody road tyres! Did not go down well when I hit a muddy section
  18. thanks mate (y)
    thanks stookie! going down the gp tomorrow, so next week will start getting some tyres sorted out and ill take you up on that trip! :)
  19. sook ;)

    i rode on heaps of mud and wet clay on slicks.


    I'll be honest, there wasnt alot of grip available...