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Lets further seperate the gap between kids with rich and poor parents. Great idea!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/ne...be-dropped-to-12/story-e6freuzi-1225874202169

    My biggest concern about 12 year olds playing paintball is whether they will have the developed pain threshold that could cope with paintball. Because it really does bloody hurt. Tbh, I'd be happier if they played with easier bursting pellets and possibly a lower pressure gun.

    The other factor is that if you exit only $100 poorer, you were either very frugal, barely participated, or stole someone else's paintballs.

    Also, can schools afford the insurance of running round in a bush type environment in a sport where injuries are likely and minimal supervision provided?
  2. When I first read this the image of "Gang up on the fatkid" entered my mind. As adults me and my mates are idiots when we get out on the field. Kids in the same shoes, oh boy...

    Still, could be funny, till someone goes too far and then nanny state legislation comes back in. I'm not opposed to kids playing it but I can see quite a few chucking tearies about it...
  3. theres nothing wrong with teaching our rich kids to be toy soldiers.
  4. If the pellets burst any easier, they would explode in the barrel, and paintball dosnt "really hurt" it depends on how you were hit, where you were hit and how much adrenaline was going through your vains. It hurts no more than football, soccer, baseball, swimming......
    What has this got to do with "rich vs poor"? It is a legal thing! Thould we ban things that everyone cannot afford? =D>
    The point is 12 year olds can already handle guns, they need a minors permit. They cannot apply for a day permit at the paintball park.

    Liability insurance is carried by the operator, not the school
  5. thats why you lower the gas perssure first.
    which paintball did you play?
    theres a difference to doing things recreationally and doing things under a schools banner. particularly in this pc age

    and the end cost will always be lumped on the user. ie the school or parents.
  6. i don't see the issue with it, bloody safety nazi at it again
  7. this is a great idea... maybe the fat kid would get some exercise running away from the paint balls...
  8. Considering some schools have implemented a 'no cartwheel policy' in the playground, I find it amusing that other schools would be offering this...
    Mind you, I know where I would rather my related rugrats attended...Kids should be able to muck around and hurt themselves.
  9. Love this comment!

    I'm with Stewy, I don't see an issue with it.

  10. Quote of the week!!!!!
  11. Ditto.

    Dev- do they REALLY have a no-cartwheel policy!? :-s](*,)
  12. I can't see it becoming a weekly school sport. As Lilley pointed out, it's not your typical $10 wednesday selective sport, and paintball centres are too rural and out of the way from most schools
  13. I've been a few times & it bloody hurts if you get hit in wrong place. So I'm all for it; let's harden these kids up a bit for the real world!
  14. My 10yo son does laser skirmish with the local scout group and really does teach them tactics and working as a team, great skills for real life IMO.

    He would love paintball and yes it does hurt which is no big deal, he got an albow to the throat in basketball the other day and he is still alive!

    I loved it when my eldest turned 18, we all went out paint balling and I could take out all my pent up frustration on him! Bloody teenagers are a living hell and if we could have shot each other over the years maybe we would have been closer!:beer:
  15. I actually completely agree with that! The small frustrations can be taken out by both child and parent - excellent idea!=D>
  16. Yah...read it in the paper. Some of the parents were trying to dispute it, whilst lots agreed with it... :?
  17. It is already legal in SA for 12+ to play paintball - I'm failing to see why this even up for discussion
  18. I went to a high school in Sydney that offered rifle shooting as a school sport, until you were 14 that was restricted to 0.22 rifles on school premises.

    However, when I turned 14, the school was able to issue a rifle permit, gave me 7.62mm rifle, 300 rounds of ammo and sent me home on the bus. Each Saturday morning I'd catch the bus to the range at Hornsby/Maroubra to practice or compete.

    It's not that long ago.....found the old license issued by the school last time I moved house, was a bit of a reminder of how much things have changed.

    It's only paintball.....kids will do dangerous things, you can either teach them how to do them responsibly, or let them go and learn the hard lessons in secret.
  19. Yep, look at Timbertop, VCE camps, Scout Groups etc etc they all manage to do it.

    But in this case it is the range that carries the risk.
  20. Providing the person has a "minor permit". These permits cannot be applied for at the paintball range. They take weeks to get, while waiding through weeks of burocracy. Therefore, they cannot play if they are under 16