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Lets Compare Notes on Insurance Costs. :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Seamus, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    Just trying to get a better deal on insurance if possible.

    35 y/o and riding a 1600cc bike.

    I'm currently with NRMA and paying $83.18 per month ($998.16 per year).

    The NRMA did the green slip too, which was $361.90.

    Anyone doing better?

    Thank you. :)
  2. I rang up AAMI the other day and they offered me.

    CBR 250RR, 18y/o $362 per year for fulll comp. standard $400 excess, but in my case because i'm 18 my excess increases by $700.

    no one else even wanted to know about it because its an 'import'
  3. I'm with Western QBE. Haven't had to have a claim, but their premium was excellent and service was good and friendly.
  4. From what I remember, I'm paying around $450 - $480 for full coverage of my '96 ZZ-R1100. I can't remember what the excess is.

    What's a green slip?
  5. The CBs only got third party ($190 a year I think) but I'm going to put compo on the VTR.

    A bargain at just $1400 a year /w $800 excess. :roll: :cry:
  6. What I'd give to have a category 1 bike rather than a category 6.. :-(
    Last year was ~$1900 and I'm Rating 1

    Probably help if I hadn't added all my accessories onto the insurance as well, but then I want them replaced if I do bin it..


    P.S. Actually, I wouldn't give up my cat 6 bike for a cat 1 even if you paid me.. *grin*
  7. Around $550 - with Swann - 03 Speed Trip.
  8. I was paying roughly the same, also in the same location as you. I moved 500 metres down the road (into another insurance zone) and the cost went up $140 a year :shock: :shock: :shock:
    (that was with RACV)
  9. I just paid $1176 to renew my '03 CBR600RR with AAMI.

    Their premium was about $70 per year more than Swann or QBE, but they were only interested in driving offences and accidents for the past 3 years.
  10. Paid $350 full comprehensive rating 1 for the beemer this year.
    As soon as I turned 40 the premium dropped by $80
    This is with western QBE.
    The good thing is I'm also entitled to a rating one protection for an at fault claim. (one oer year)
    The older you get the more insurance looks after you.
  11. Is this a policy that swann also have, I might have to find out?
  12. I'm with Swann, rating 1 paying ~$340 excess $400. I get a 5% discount if I pay early :D
  13. pffttt :roll: i just spend 15 minutes trying to get an online insurance quote for 3rd party on my bike and not one insurance agency could manage it on their online systems (aami, cgu, racv, nrma, couple of others) they drive you insane before you even need to consider making a claim :p

    so i'm still with the 'you break it you buy it' insurance agency.
  14. I'm with Arista (old guy, you see) and I pay $290 with a $400 excess to insure the VFR for $6000.
  15. 04 R6 with RACV Full Comp Market Value $755, excess $400 (he's over 40!)
    05 GSF500 with RACV Full Comp Agreed Value $285 excess $400 (I'm not 40!). We both have rating 1 for life.

    When I went to insure the GSF, I asked what the market value was (this is a new bike) and it was $2000 less than what I paid (and I got a great deal on it too!). :evil: So now the agreed value is more than what I paid :D

    We are in the country so this would be a bit less than city rates.
  16. Us more mature riders, in terms of age anyway, get it pretty good. Around the $500 mark for the VTR full comp.
  17. Over 40, full comprehensive (with QBE this year), rating 1 (rural).

    Kawasaki ZRX1200R - $480
    Moto Guzzi V11 - - $680
    Yamha Diversion - $440