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Lets All Get together!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by outactrl, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Well, I'm sure that most of you, like me, have noticed the new Rear facing Cameras that have been fitted on the Tulla Section of Citylink. And no doubt, other parts of the tollway. (If not their yet they will be soon)

    They are testing, taking photos, checking our speeds, zooming in on our plates, just basically getting ready to charge us.

    What can we do?
    The government is on their side, well, when is the government ever on our side. (Thanks for the new tax breaks) what can we do!!!
    Well, last night lying in bed, I had an idea….

    If they want to treat us like cars, let’s act like cars.
    Could you imagine it, every Victorian netrider member, (or forum poster) meets at a predefined location, and rides, slowly into the city along one of the tollway’s.
    No overtaking, no line splitting, no speeding.
    People out there hate us because we can get to the city twice as fast as a car, and hate us even more cause we are not charged on the tolls, well lets see how they like it when they are stuck behind a couple a hundred or thousand bikes, that are just riding the same speed as the car next to them.
    The roads will be backed up ten times as far!!!!! Then after the ride, we all email or call Citylink to say “what f**king happened this morning? I'm not paying to use your tollway to be this bloody late everyday!!” (Basically pretend to be a car driver calling) because I'm sure they will get a few hundred calls from angry drivers anyway.

    Then a week later, we do it again, on another section of the tollway. It’s only fair that all inbound traffic should experience what it would be like if we are treated like cars.

    If i knew where you were i'd be in fo shizzle. always like doing things like that, makes you feel sorta proud and happy that you pissed them off like they did you. did it at school, jump up YEAH!! like 20 other people jump up. teacher: Leonard, sit down. F**k. Leonard go to the co ordinators office... again
  3. Would there be enough riders in Melb to cause the effect you are talking about?
  4. well i'm in brisbane so i get screwed again.

    I reckon even if you only had a couple of hundred you could, make sure you ride like the majority of people that drive cars. Slam on the breaks when a truck passes you cause you haven't been paying attention, get really aggressive then do 20km's an hour under the speed limit when someone comes up behind you to overtake you. when you see postie on the side of the road slow down to have a look, when you go over a bridge slow down cause somehow its not as dangerous (WTF where do people get this shit from anyway) Overtake someone who is doing a couple of K's over the limit and then drive 5k's under. swerve around in your lane so the person going round you knows that your a f***wit.

    I'm sure you can do it and i really don't think it would be hard, and after the first one i'm sure you'll get a lot more support from other cars as well as riders.

    I think i shouldv'e been a poet.... didn't even know it
  5. Another Citylink protest :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
    For what reason this time? Surely you've got a real one right?, and not just some thought of social injustice where riders should be more special than every other road user?

    Here's a clue .. if you really want to protest Citylink, just don't use it when and if they do something you disagree with.
  6. Sorry Mouth . Dont aggree with you.
    A part of our rego is for road maintanance.
    the Gov didnt have enought money to fix/redo the Tull and build the rest of the roads they wanted, so thy contacted it out to citilink. fair enought.

    not fair that we have to pay for roads that were prevousely free, (but thats another issue that has long passed) so we are paying twice for the same roads.

    How much road damage do you think a motorcycle creates? about the same as a bicycle? or the same as a car?

    They just want money from us because they dont know how to run a business
    Quote from the age,
    "Melbourne's CityLink operator Transurban Group Ltd today reported a $42.08 million net loss for the first half, compared to a net loss of $34.63 million in the previous corresponding period"
    (full story here)

    idiots, how hard is it to charge people for tolls, there problem is they have to much on, i.e. why bother paying for your own roadside support crews, vehicals equipment, overtime coffee and beark areas for the crew, electricity in those areas etc when RACV would have dont it anyway, and it wouldnt have costed citilink anything.

    I'm not trying to be a smart ar5e here mouth. i may be wrong in all my points, it just the way i feel,

    and it was just an idea.
  7. and yeah, i know i should spell check...
  8. Citylink is a private company with the contractual right to charge tolls on motorcyclists. They are obliged to make money and please their shareholders. It's a bit like protesting that Mobil don't give free petrol to motorcyclists.

    The only reason bikes haven't been tolled up until now is because they didn't have the technology in place, not because of some god-given right to free travel. We do have less road impact, but citylink don't toll vehicles for road maintenance - they toll to recoup the billions they borrowed to build the road.

    Don't blame Citylink, making money is their business.
  9. hmm, free petrol,

    there's another idea.....
  10. Motorcyclists obeying the law? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!! Something's got to be done about it! :facepalm:
    Seriously, do you think this will even cause a ripple? It's exactly what they would LOVE us to do. Justifies all their lies and misinformation, and may eventually add a few sheckles to the coffers.
    Personally, I've been critical of Critical Mass for their selfish and misguided acts. I'm not going to do the same thing myself.
    I'm all for hard line "negotiation" with the toll-happy authorities, but lets do it in a way that is meaningful (ie. costly but legal) to them.
  11. and i'll just continue to happily avoid their shitarsed roads :D

    my beef with citylink is
    a) the gov was too farkin lazy to do this stuff themselves, surely they could have found the money somewhere else (ie. pollie wage cuts, no crappy artwork :roll: )

    b) the goddamn time limit on paying for a daypass. yes, i'm aware NOW that you have 3 FRIGGEN DAYS to pay the mongrels, but there i was thinking that a week was a safe bet. and a month later, it costs me $40 to drive a few kays down a road :?

    but yeah, my take on it is that i hate the fuggen city anyways, it smells and costs too much, so farkit, i stay the hell away :wink:
  12. hey good point titus "costly, but legal" they will love that.

    Coconuts, you correct about the government being able to find the money else where.

    i.e. the Ansett levy,
    fly on any flight in australia and you have to pay an aditional $10 to help with all the money employees lost from the Ansett fold.
    I was all for that, some poor employee thats worked there for 50 years, told "see ya later" with no benifits, the goverment stepped in and said $10.00 per flight per person, good idea.

    that debt to the employees was fully paid of over 2 years ago. why are they still charing people $10 per flight!!!!!
  13. and if you were TOLLED for travelling from the Gold Coast to Brisvegas..your reaction would be what!!!!!?????????????
  14. Outactrl - agree with the fact that no employee should be told, sorry we don't have the money for any of your benefits and I also agree that money should be recouped somehow so they get what's owed. What I can't abide by though is why should the price of my ticket go up because some other idiot can't manage a business correctly and loses millions/billions. I understand that my ticket has to go up because the money has to come from somewhere, it's just not fair that I have to shell out because of someone elses incompetence and unaccountability.
  15. Luckily the road is publicly owned - but I still pay for it everyday with my taxes. If a private company built an even snazzier road to brizzy, with murals and cheesesticks, and wanted to charge me for it, then I'd just have to pay wouldn't I?
  16. murals and cheesesticks :LOL:
  17. NodZ, i agree with what your saying.
    a husband walked out on his wife and left her with a $30,000.00 dept that people are looking for.
    shes 60 y/o with no job, on a pension, and shes acutally living a room at one of her kids places. the kids are chipping in to help wiht food bills etc.
    one option she has is to plead Bankruptcy. but if she did and the Gov said, "we'll cover the bill" and started talking money out of the publics personal shopping bills, ie 30cents per shopping visit.
    you have the right to be upset! i would.

    but the gov makes their own Laws and Rules to what is good for them.
    ie Ansett, a private company, why would they have given the money to them anyway? i think there is an underlieing trurth we dont know about, maybe john howards son use to work there, i dont know.

    nice comment on the tolls from Goldy to Brissy.
    it will happen one day,
    Then you will need "papers" to travel from state to state,
    "Welcome to the former Soviet Union"
  18. :LOL: NSW are already starting - the cops bend over and look at your exhaust and yell 'PAPERS!!!"
  19. If John Howards son did work there, Ansett would still be around today. After all, public money went to bail out Stan Howards incompetence. The Manildra ethanol deal is another great example of cronyism (although it did piss off Rupert Murdoch who had a reputedly had a stake in the ethanol importer who lost out on that deal). It looks bad for a government that tries to portray a public image of financial responsibility and low unemployment to have regulated businesses go bust on them. Especially when the company was an Australian one thet they allowed to be bought by a foreign company on their shift. However, Ansett was allowed to fold.

    The money given to Mitsubishi over the years was significantly higher than that given to Ansett so why prop up a completely foreign owned company at the expense of an ostensibly Australian (if again, foreign owned) one. Car manufacturers are listed in the GDP, airlines are not. If Mitsubishi folded it affects the economic indicators that are used as a smokescreen to cover how the economy is actually performing.