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Lether repair melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by random101, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Before we go on i have done the search and come up with the guy in oakliegh next to the butcher, but im looking for something a bit closer.

    People dont seem to recommend mars leathers are they too expensive? bad workmanship ?

    All i need is a small 5cent piece hole in the elbow and knees of my spyke leathers to be patched up.

    i have heard there is a leather repair shop on pier street altona? is it recommended?

  2. Pier street do basic leather repairs to dress jackets, shoes, bags... etc.

    They should be up to doing a patch repair on your leathers if the hole isn't in a complicated location.

    Mars will do all repairs, but each repair is almost always a week turnaround. They have a guy that comes in at least once a week who does their repairs for them.
  3. Torini leathers, Port Melbourne.
  4. matador leathers in Moorabbin is another option, you state you want something closer but given that Melbourne is a fairly big city, define closer, west, east, north at least.
  5. my bad,oakliegh isnt to bad, but im in the western sub's

  6. Try Healesville. Its a great ride and Katcando is always happy to put the kettle on
  7. +1 Kat does great work
  8. I just got my leather jacket back from Kat, very happy with the work :grin:
  9. I had Mars replace a zip on a jacket of mine. They did a good job, but the guy behind the counter was a pr!ck - I was explaining that I need the WHOLE zip replaced but he was adamant that I only needed the slider done. When he finally stopped talking I showed him the problem, but he still made like I was being difficult. I'll be finding someone else next time.
  10. i went into mars, his quote was $100 for a small hole on the elbow, then he was complaining about the elbow armor and that it should be taken out to stop getting holes...

    i was just like ... right...