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Let the good times roll?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Porkbone, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Total motorcycle noob in Brisbane. Been umm-ing and ah-ing for years on whether to get on two wheels (read: the wife wasn't havin' it) and decided this year fuggit, I'm doin' it.

    Doing Q Ride in a fortnight to get my P's. Looking at getting either a KLR650, DR650, or V-Strom 65. I figure going for test rides might help make up my mind on which one to buy. Hopefully Dealers allow test rides to brand new P platers after getting my Licence?

    Don't know squat about what gear (helmet, etc.) to buy either. Tried on a fair few brands of Helmet recently and wouldn't you know it, my melon only seems to fit inside a Shoei, the rest were just bloody uncomfortable. Not exactly Entry Level gear pricing I was hoping for.....

    Anyways, got heaps of reading to do and a million questions to ask so hope this joint is noob friendly.
  2. Mmmm...Pork. Had some awesome chilli pork ribs on Friday. :D

    Anyways, welcome to NR.

    Re: helmets, yes. Different fits from different brands on different heads.

    Shoei is my best fit too. First one lasted 4+ years.

    NR is the best place when in Comes to new gear questions so fire away...
  3. Pork makes bacon so obviously it is the King of meats....

    Okay, gear questions. I'm not a young buck anymore so getting "decent" protective gear seems like the smarter thing to do fer me old bones. I see no point in buying top of the line gear when starting out (and can't afford it anyway TBH) but I'd rather spend more money on some decent gear than ride around in protective gear made of paper...... Some feedback on whether what I'm looking at is reasonable quality in terms of lasting for a while and doing the job would be appreciated.

    At the moment, the goal is to get into some novice dual sport riding (just dirt roads 'n stuff not single track) and some longer overnight rides when I'm more confident. Obviously with the majority of the time spent on bitumen trying to learn how not to die on 2 wheels. Keeping that in mind, the gear I've sussed so far is:

    Looking at the textile stuff like Dririder for jacket & pants. (plus I just can't see myself in Leather pants. Blue Oyster Bar anyone?) Not sure if kevlar jeans would be better than the textile stuff but jeans aren't that much cheaper anyway. (well Draggin or Dririder don't seem to be?)

    Gloves not too fussed on. Some cheap summer ones to start with like Fox Bombers should do?

    Boots I'm not sure? I have clapped out ankles (broke one twice, dislocated the other) the diameter of broomsticks so am thinking I should get boots with some decent protection. Are boots like helmets so just get whatever fits best? Not sure about MX boots because apparently they aren't too great for walking around in and with the the aim of touring in mind I dunno how they'd go? I've been eye-balling some boots called Forma Terra or Forma Adventure. They're about $100-150 cheaper than the SIDI/AlpineStar ADV boots....(at least buying from the Forma Australia website) On the other hand if these kind of boots are overkill please tell me. (FYI: I need to be able to walk for my work =D)

    Helmets. Reading up on it, everything I read says buy what your head fits. My head fits Shoei. (road helmet) Shoei is a good brand. Cool. Also a furkin expensive brand!! Also tried on an AGV dual sport helmet which fit pretty well but I'm not convinced I need a dual sport helmet? I mean, yeah I wanna get off the beaten track but can't see myself trying to cross the Simpson anytime soon either. I don't see myself man-handling a bike through really technical stuff, just belting around on dirt/gravel roads like forestry roads. If a road helmet is quieter and does the job why get a DS helmet? (apart from the fact that the AGV helmet is $200 cheaper!!!) The lady at the shop I went to said I won't "look right" with a road helmet on a KLR or DR....... I don't really care too much if it's twice as quiet as a DS helmet and doesn't feel like someone is squeezing my head in strange places.

    That's all I can think of for now. I'll re-ignite the KLR vs DR debate soon-ish =D
  4. Shoei fit my head best too, decent helmet and reasonably quiet but in the end still needed ear plugs not to go deaf. Anyway, Welcome to NR, I'm a recent addition / noob here in Brissy also. Gear range here is a bit ho-hum in my opinion, they keep telling me everyone only wants black that's why they only stock black - bullsiht to that. Stock purchasers are all colour bling me thinks.

    Anyway, good luck finding what you need and getting the right bike
  5. Cheers fellas
  6. G'day mate, welcome to 2 wheels. You can save some $$ on gear by buying end of year or last season's gear which is often steeply reduced, including helmets. Helmets (as you've found out) do require trying on to see if they fit your head, but once you know that the Shoei model xyz or whatever fits you in whatever size, you are free to look around online and find the best price for that particular model. The GT Air which used to be $899 was recently available at $499 so you can find big savings if you look.

    Boots not as NB but I prefer to try them first. Actually, to be honest I like to try everything first to make sure it fits ok, even gloves.... so have been known to try on in-store and see if a particular item works for me, and then buy it off previously bookmarked Gumtree /eBay. You might want to look at RST Paragon and Paragon 2 boots as well, pretty good protection for less $ than other brands.

    It should be noted however, that biking is not a cheap sport. You'll find yourself getting more gear regardless of what you get in the first place, and then there's the bike mods....lol...all well worth it though.
  7. Thanks for the reply Chilli.

    Feel like I've been re-living my birthing experience, I've been shoving my head into so many narrow passages (types of helmet) today. Still could not find anything better than the Shoei for fit so guess I'm going to have to keep an eye on the interweb for any bargain deals. Having said that, not too keen on using some public (nit colony?) helmet for 2 days of Q Ride so I guess we'll see if I can find something that quick.

    Got some boots though!! (starting wrong end I know but hey, tried on the Forma Adventure's and thought "these'll do")
  8. As an e.g and if you want a dual sport lid - this is very reduced....

    Shoei Hornet Adventure Helmet LIGHT SILVER
  9. Holy crap!! That's ridiculous. Now if only I can find one in XL for that price.....
  10. In Brisbane make sure the jacket has as much venting as possible.
  11. Yeah I kinda figured that. Is it worth getting some kind of sport touring jacket or just get a summer jacket since it's always pretty warm up here?
  12. Summer / mesh jackets usually have a winter liner + water resistant liner in them too. Likely good enough for most Brissy winter days. Can always get a second winter jacket later if need
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