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Let my fretboard awesomeness begin :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by monkeyboy666, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. I usually don't toot my own bugle so to speak, but I was so chuffed with how this came together I thought I'd post it up. What the bloody hell is it? I hear you ask.

    Well you know that band Metallica and the last track on ...and Justice for All called Dyers Eve? Well, using original tracks ripped from Guitar Hero Metallica, I re-recorded all the guitar parts, beefed up the bass so it can actually be heard (anyone who knows that album knows the bass is all but inaudible) and spent freakin days learning the solo...which is an absolute wrist-snapper to say the least.

    So anyway, here's me playing all the guitar parts to one of Metallica's hardest songs. Seriously, any guitar/bass players here who know this song know how full on this tune is and I reckon next to Battery, it's probably their most challenging to play. Crank it up too 11, listen to it through headphones rather than your phone if you can and be amazed at the sheer level of fretboard awesome.

    The solo starts at around 3.30. So if you couldn't be bothered listening to the whole song, just skip to the solo and you'll understand what I meant when I said this song is hard to play...the solo is completely off its tits and is played at a trillion miles an hour. The solo took me nearly 3 days to learn it's some of the fastest, most complicated there is. It was a fun challenge though :)

    I know this is shameless self promotion but what the hell, share the love of all things Metallica I say! Enjoy!

  2. Would've been good to have the video camera on instead.

  3. [​IMG]

    Yeah, that solo is ridiculous dude. Some serious shredding right there.

    *sheds a tear for how awesome Metallica USED to be.
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  4. Nice work dude, though I agree with Justus, you should have recorded video of you playing the parts, rather than just putting the lyrics up ;)
  5. Weird to hear a Metallica song not drenched with Wah though

  6. Yeah I was going to do that but then I remembered there's already a zillion clips of obsessive OCD guitar freaks on youtube playing along to this song...every one of them is basically the same.

    I'm more into the recording side of things atm and personally I find most clips of dudes playing guitar as boring as bat poop. Lyric clips are more fun to make too.

    Anyway, glad you liked it blokes and the feedback is much appreciated.

  7. Hell while we're here, here's one of my favourite songs ever. The Cult with Love Removal Machine. This song, and the entire TNT album made me want to pick up a guitar in the first place.

    I used a Guitar Hero rip of the original bass, drums and vocals and redid the guitars and seeing as the video for this song is so cool I used that too. :)

    Farking love this song and back in the day The Cult were pretty righteous.
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    Last one I promise.

    Original bass, drums and vocals with all the guitars redone for shits and giggles.

    Kreator play thrash/speed metal so fast it's superhuman. Seriously, the drummer is like a human octopus with feet and arms flailing all over the shop and the singer, songwriter and rhythm/lead guitar player Mille Pretozza is a machine who writes music so fast and technical it's enough to make you weep tears of blood...which I would have done while recording this, if it hadn't all leaked out through my fingertips first.

    The vocals won't be to everyone's tastes, the lyrics are pretty good though...but the main riff is phenomenal, the solo is tasty, shreddy and is so sharp you could slice cheese with it and there's a huge, three part guitar harmony that plays over the outro that sounds like the soundtrack to the end of the friggin' world.

    Yes, I am slightly obsessed with Kreator and this song is one of their best.


  9. Finished this today and thought what the hell, I'll post it up.

    Slayer from 1990. War Ensemble. Vocal, bass and drums are them. All the guitars are me. If you love old school Slayer and mourn the death of Jeff Hanneman you'll enjoy this.

    If you hate Slayer and either don't know or care who Jeff Hanneman was, or if you don't like hearing guitars being played so furiously it sounds like their necks are going to snap...that's fine too.

    Why am I posting this? WTF not? Slayer are friggin' gods and in 1990 they ruled the Earth.

  10. I think you have spent too much time learning music about pain and loss. It is damn impressive, but can't be healthy.
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  11. That Daft Punk clip is quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever seen. Gayer than a tutu full of rainbows.

    I listen to all kinds of music but the fast stuff is the most fun to play.

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    ha! I didn't even notice the clip, it is a rhythm guitar tone tone and groove that I dig. Here is the same funk tone, without mirror-balls.

    ...nothing gay about hot pants :whistle:
  13. Not sure what posting Daft Spunk :poop: and James Clown clips has got to do with a thread about the guitar covers I do...mostly of metal songs. Isn't there another thread for that somewhere?

  14. I finished this cover of Iron Maiden's classic The Number of the Beast, the other day. The solos were a blast to learn and took a while to get them to sound as cleanly played as Dave Murray and Adrian Smith...those Maiden fellas sure can play.

    I used the official video but couldn't help taking the piss out of it a bit...it's kinda silly in places. Like, what's with Adrian Smith's sports jacket and those ballroom dancers? Weird! And the faces the original drummer-Clive Burr- pulls are just kinda creepy. And Bruce Dickinson's codpiece stance is pure '80's metal...if he stood with his legs any further apart he'd do himself a injury.

    Time to get some evil on yo ass, 1982-style. :)
  15. http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=hpJMmxHjoIM&feature=vm

    I first heard this when I was 12 way back in 1984 and fell in love with it instantly. I guess I felt an affinity for the poor kid whose dad hassles him for sitting in his room all day "playing that sick, repulsive electric twanger."

    And the video is an absolute classic. I mean, the ONLY answer if someone asks "What do you want to do with your life?" is of course, "I wanna ROCK!"
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  16. Sorry about that, youtube blocked the clip :( This one works :)

  17. Sounds great man. There a re some pretty respectable EVH tones to be found on www.guitarampmodelling.com if you use software in your signal chain somewhere. In fact, you've inspired me to do a string-melting version of Hot for Teacher...because it's insanely EVH. Nice work there big fella :)