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Let me introduce SPARKLES!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by motormouse, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. On Friday at 5.30pm something amazing happened.

    My new bike got delivered!!! My red Honda 98 VFR800 before VTEC (Yay!). It's got a custom pipe on it too so she sounds delicious! And heated handle bars - yes thats right - you're all just jealous!

    Her name is Sparkles. Her last owner gave her the name and I think I'll stick to it but am happy to hear suggestions

    It's a thing of beauty. Unfortunatly I had to go back to work - cause shit always hits the fan on Fridays! So I rode to work with the biggest grin ever. Did a few hours work and headed for a party. The netrider boys on their way back to Melb after the QLD trip- all were in fine form as usual lol

    I crashed there (as in slept) and when I looked out the window it was standing there - so beautiful *sigh*. It was amazing to think that I could ride it, that it was mine. I think the awe of it will take a little while to wear off!

    I love her and I don't think this smile is going anywhere any time soon

    Isn't she beautiful!!!

    I also finally got rid of my student car and bought a 99 Toyota Echo - also red hehe. So now I'm broke, in debt and I couldn't be happier!

  2. lucky someone pointed out the heated grips hey tess (i wonder who that was? :LOL: ) you might have suffered the rest of the winter, if someone didn't love hondas so much to pay close attention to all the finer details :LOL:

    and what did i wake up to this morning, tess starting the bike up right outside where i was sleeping (my work car) oh but such a sweet sound it was :grin:
  3. You sure like red!

    It is a very nice bike Tess. I am super jealous and can't wait to get off restrictions.

    Thanks for letting me have a sit on sparkles....(that sounds kinda nasty).
  4. Yeah thanks for pointing that out :oops: :grin:

    Couldn't resist especially after your post at 4am on Fri night that you hoped to wake everyone up sat morning - hah hah beat you to it!
  5. well i did wake up at 6 needed to umm empty the bladder but thought better of waking everyone up, that and not really being in anystate to get up to the house
  6. Hey tess,

    Two new toys! Wow what can i say. Hope you have fun with your new bike and car. You have worked hard for them so you deserve to reward yourself. Have a great one, and we will see you and your bike in october. :cool:
  7. Sweeeeeeeet.

    They go fast. :grin:
  8. Congrats on the new bike Tess

    She is a sexxxy looking thing thats for sure...dunno about Sparkles though it's a motorcicle it's supposed to have a butch name :LOL:
  9. Hmmm Sparkles...well other than that being the name of my daughter's imaginary friend that she had when she was four, it summons up this image for me...perhaps a new sticker for the bike? :LOL:


    Oh and congrats on the bike and car - enjoy! :)
  10. Or maybe a Kanji "Mr Sparkle" right up the side of the bike. :D
  11. Very nice MM, very nice indeed.

    I'll have to check it out at the next coffee night I get to.
  12. thats very nooice!!
  13. hi tess. congrats on the new bike.. sexy as hell. well done :)
  14. I also have a VFR but its the origami shape, your is a Klingon.

    Mines is red and aptly named "the big gay red bike" riden by "the safety Nazi"

    Welcome to VFR land, its a nice land to live in cos all other bikes are shit,

    yeah you all heard me, your bikes a re all crap compared with the mighty VFR.....

    Whateva ! ! ! ! :grin:
  15. I won't disagree. :)

    Congrats MM good to have another convert to the fold.
  16. Will it be at the riding course on Sunday Tess? Red is good!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Yes she'll be there and she'll be signing autographs :grin:

    Red is fast :grin:
  18. :rofl:

    My red is faster! :p

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. saw it when i was in the ACT.... very nice tess... am very jelous
  20. Yep, its a pretty little thing, sounds fat too. Goodonya Tess