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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Isn't it funny that no matter what decision one makes as to whether or not to wear wet weather gear... it's always wrong.

    Looked at the skies this morning, some cloud but not much.

    I took the wet weather liner our of my jacket and pants so that I could stay cool (it was pretty damn hot this morning) and headed off.

    As I rode out through Samford I saw the clouds looked a bit dark but then I do have a tinted visor and without it they looked pretty OK.

    I rode up to the top of Mt Glorious (slowly as I don't know the roads around here... must change that) and by the time I got to the top.... twas raining a fair bit.

    I found a place to turn around and headed back down the mountain - even more cautiously (why is going down always worse than up?) in case there were any slippery bits. By the time I got to the bottom of the mountain and heading back toward Samford it was completely BUCKETING down. The raindrops were so large and numerous that in my helmet it actually sounded like hail !

    Now I was actually enjoying the riding in the rain part (perhaps I'm a bit odd) but the getting drenched to the bone with cold water part wasn't so fantastic.

    I wished I had a gopro mounted - would have made for some good footage, Especially the very dry and happy looking (well, I assume he was happy, I would be) bugger that drove past in his new Aston Martin.

    I got home safely (obviously) and the gear is hanging up drying which I hope it will do before tomorrows commute.
  2. This is why a saddlebag and enough supplies to take Lawrence across the desert come in so handy. I often ride with two sets of gloves, liners and wet gear packed, a decent map for those 'whimish' side road excursions, as well as whatever sports drink currently sponsors me....
  3. Yeah you have to watch the silly weather in Melbourne too,was going to ride to work saturday day was dry and warm but noticed some rain forcast and showers,sometimes i ignore it cause half the time their wrong and im willing to ride,but drove instead,that was a lucky decision cause it bucketed down when finished work.
  4. Yeah, I had a half an eye on the weather today and decided to stay close to home. I considered Glorius & Nebo but decided not to. I did a couple of runs up & down Mt Cravatt Lookout and the 8-Mile Plains loop and called it a day.
  5. Hubbys getting a new bike next week. Hes been bikeless for a year now, and has got holidays that co-incide with getting the new bike, so lots of long rides coming up for us. Am hoping for lots of fine sunny days but this being SE Qld in summer, its likely to bucket down the whole time.
  6. ... Still pouring rain in Sydney too!. Took the bike up the mountains yesterday and it absolutely bucketted down. I thoroughly enoyed it !.....:D

    ... What bike is your hubby getting Ametha?
  7. i got caught out yesterday arvo aswell lol
  8. I was gonna say that this Sydney weather is sure sorting the men from the boys, until I noticed Tweets enjoyed it yesterday - my understanding is that she is neither man nor boy...
    But I maintain: a certain amount of testicular fortitude is required to commute on the bike today...
  9. Very nearly got caught up Mt Mee on Saturday; thought better of trying that again yesterday. Bloody weather.
  10. .... Well I am blonde... That may account for it!....:cheeky: The only thing that gave me cause for concern was the thunderstorm right overhead!!....8-[. I really didn't fancy getting zapped by lightening....:eek:hno:
  11. I religously watch the BOM radar. Its a riders best friend. I very rarely get caught out. If you have a smart phone make sure you have an app with the weather radar (pocket whether is a good one), otherwise bookmark the BOM radar website. I also carry wet whether gear with me at all times, but hate stopping to put it on.
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    Or go to weatherzone, they use BOM data and have both Android and iPhone apps. I use the Android app & its good.
  13. For Windows Phone users, I recommend "Rain?" - it's just a loop of the latest BOM RADAR traps, and it even translates UTC into ZE10 for you...
  14. My bike's off at the mechanic's at the moment, so I don't care :LOL:

    Seriously, I carry a pair of wet-weather gloves and wet-weather plastic pants under the seat at all times.

    Thank God for global warming, though, imagine how wet it would be without it :bolt:
  15. Wish I had room under the seat for that crap. My bike barely has enough room for the control box for the heated handgrips.

    Weather looked dodgy for the Sat Learner's BBQ yesterday, so did the smart thing and carted all the WW gear on my back. Chrissy decorations on the bike so can't put the panniers on - and they're not waterproof anyway, even with the rain covers on (bastards). Of course, it didn't rain.

    Was geared up for the commute this morning, walked out and even unlocked the garage before deciding that the extremely dark clouds might mean it would be a better idea to cage it, so went inside and got changed etc etc. Of course, I look out the window now to blue, blue skies. Damn.
  16. Mon - Fri I carry rain pants in the man bag to/from work. Jacket is waterproof so no need to to worry about that part.

    But yeh Melbourne weather is funny in that way. Though I like riding in the rain. It's fun. :)
  17. From wot I gather it was pelting ruddy rain everywhere on Sunday:-w

    .......... except on the Oxley \\:D/ .......... two hot laps up and down in the dry, with a nice mug of cha in between at Gingers............
    a final run down, chasing a Buell to Long Flat for a pint... then home

    Life's good for some........:p
  18. On a related note:
    Does anyone else find tucking behind the screen in an attempt to keep dry triggers the part of the brain that wants to go fast?

    Some part of my brain goes "Hey, he just tucked in, time to open the throttle"
  19. I love the rain... most of the time... Melbourne weather for the past month or so has been; Sunny Monday - Thursday, rain Friday - Sunday. Just reverse that and I'd be a happy camper.
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  20. He's getting a Honda Hornet 900cc. Its been a long bikeless year for him, and he wont ride pillion on my bike, (too scared! :) )so lets just say we are going to cover a lot of kilometres in the next couple of weeks. I'll be posting a photo of his new bike when he gets it next week. In the meantime we are moving house today and tomorrow but its the new bike thats actually causing all our excitement.