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Let another first bike thread !!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by icemaker, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Sorry to do this again but I need help in reducing the bikes I want to own. Obviously it will be my first bike so it needs to be lams and Ill try to give as much info as possible, so here goes.

    Im shortish and fat = 5'7 and 93kg approx

    Not interested in any bike thats a 250 or smaller because I will be riding the bike to work and back when I can which is around 75km one way.

    One route to get to work is a mountain pass which is quite steep and very twisty = fun and the other route is just highway between 90 and 110km/h the whole way = boring but quicker, so I want a bike that can do each trip well. Preferably being better on the twisties.

    I definitely want a naked bike as I really love the look of 'em and I figure that if I own a bike I may as well like the look of it, so please dont suggest motards or the like cause it aint gonna happen.

    Looking at spending roughly $6000 - $7500 on a second hand bike and roughly $1000, or more if I score a bargain, on some quality gear.

    Also there is a good chance that the bike I choose will be with me even after I get my full licence so a bike that can be de-restricted and then
    re-restricted the easiest will be a bonus.

    Ive been trawling this forum for a good week now and have also checked out reviews on MCN and all the usual suspects keep popping up. CB400,
    Er6nl, SV650SU and the bike I really like is the Yamaha XJ6N.

    Im guessing the Yammy is the same bike listed in NSW lams (XJ6nl 25kw) but Im not to sure what the 25kw thing means. If someone can clear this up for me, Ill be your best mate forever. Really like the look of this bike and has good all round reviews.

    Not so sure about SV650 cause Ive read that its hard and expensive to de-restrict but if its the best bike of the bunch, Ill happily fork out to get it done properly.

    The CB400 is cool but Ive read that it is low on torque down low, so I dont know if that is a problem when riding the pass uphill. (early morning run to work will be fun).

    The kwaka from what I understand has good torque but struggles at
    100km/h +. The highway run home would be a pain if I cant overtake vehicles easily at 110km.

    I understand that sitting on the bikes and taking them for a ride would help me make a decision, but there arent many of these bikes in my area and would have to drive a couple of hours to do so. I just want to narrow it down to 2 bikes and then give them a go and see which one I like best.

    I will appreciate any help from you guys, and take your comments on board.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Sounds like you've done your research and narrowed it down so why not just take each for a test ride? As for low down power, the CB400 has loads especially for a learner.
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    My mate has the 650rl (faired er6nl) and he passed me in my xr6 at speed much higher than 100ks. It might not hit 200 but it goes pretty hard for a learner bike. Just go sit on them and find the one that fits you.
  4. The XJ6NL is actually newly available here, I just noticed it a month or two ago appearing in Yamaha ad's, they previously sold the XJ6SL in Aus (I have one of these for sale btw), a normal XJ6N is NOT LAM's approved, so be carefull of that.

    Also I don't think you will find any second hand XJ6NL bikes, will probably take 6 months to a year before some start to filter into the second hand market.
  5. Thanks for the replys guys.
    Your right pilgrim, I just searched the interweb to find a XJ6NL for sale and came up with nothing. Its not even on the yamaha website although the XJ6sl is there but I dont like the look of em that much. Doesnt have that streetfighter look that the nl has.
    What do you guys think the best handler is. I intend to test ride all these bikes but I dont think Ill be able to go up a mountain pass with them. Most probably be stuck in traffic when testing as its more than likely Ill be buying a bike from Sydney.
  6. I highly rate both the ER6nl and the CB400. I am over 115kg+ gear, and I found both great fun. I only rode the ER6 for a short test ride (30 mins) but it had a heap of power for a learner. I was able to do a few wheelies quite easily, it was comfy, and the handling was spot on for someone learning. It was sure footed and steady, but would change direction quickly and easily when you are going for a sporty ride.

    The CB 400 I rode for about 120km. Mix of highway and twisty back roads. Same thing, easy wheelies with the clutch, sounded great when you wound it up. Plenty of pull for highway work. Handling was good, I am guessing it would have been better with some decent tyres on it (only had BT45s on). I have no doubts that with some decent tyres you could grind the footpegs in half without trying too hard. Also a bit lower in the seat which you might find valuable.

    If I was to buy one today, I would go the Kwaka. I prefer the power delivery of it, they are easy to de-restrict. I would say more fun to ride too.

    Best of luck, and try to get a ride on one of each if you can.
    One of them will call your name.
  7. CB400's sound infinitely cooler though

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  8. That CB400 does sound awesome, which I suppose adds to the whole experience of riding. I think its gonna be out of the Kwaka and Honda by the looks of it.

    Thanks for the feed back RED ZX, considering you've ridden both bikes, which one protects you better from the wind at 110km/h. The Kwaka front end looks like is better in that regard than the CB400.
  9. Well wind does not bother me, I always ride naked bikes, but here goes.
    On the er6 I got some buffeting around my head, if I tucked down a bit it was fine. Now I am 6' 5" so you may be fine.
    The CB400 did not create much turbulence, which was quieter and more comfortable.
  10. I got a CB400 and absolutely love it. You won't be dissappointed.
    The thing that I love, is the better I am getting at riding the more I am loving it.
    I have had it for 6 months so far and done 5000km.
    I bought it 2nd hand with 6000km on the clock and immaculate condition for $6500
    You definitely won't be disappointed with it. It has plenty of grunt for hills.
    The VTEC is beautifull. It kicks in at about 6500rpm.
    The power comes on in a linear fashion. No scary surprises. It just keeps pulling stronger the more you wind it out. I usually change gears at 11,000rpm with 100% open throttle.
    I can keep up with GSX-R1000 from 0-60km/h to give you an indication how quick it is.
    I love the thing.
    It puts a smile on my face everyday.
  11. Hi there, all good bikes. Also try out a Suzuki GS500. Given your budget you'd be able to get quite a good model with a bit of cash left over for gear :)
  12. Whats the GS500 like for highway riding/mountain pass? Ive read that its a really good commuter in the city but I wont be doing much of that at all.
    Ive been mulling over the amount of money to spend on a bike and which direction to go in and its doing my head in. The er6nl and Cb400 are quite expensive compared to others like the GS500 but sound like much more fun to ride.
    Spend the money and have fun right away or wait 15 months till full license and spend the money then? Decisions, decisions.
  13. seems you might have answered your own question, you're going to upgrade sooner rather then later, why not keep the cash for the upgrade?
  14. just get yourself a 2nd hand bike with low kms (<10,000km) at a bargain price and then when you sell it you might only lose $500
  15. Ok guys, Im gonna check out some CB400's and ER6NL's in the next couple of weeks and want some advice of what to look for eg: common problems, dodgy mods, how to recognise crashed bikes, etc. Im a complete novice on bikes and have no idea what to look for.
    Also is it OK with the cops and RTA to have a bike with mods like exhaust/chips/fender eliminators etc while on your L's and P's ? Im not quite sure of the rules there.
  16. Of course it is. Just fit it out and make sure you pop down the local cop shop and show them. I know they especially like fender eliminators and ebay exhausts with the baffles removed! ](*,)

    On a serious note - I've got a CB400. Had it about 18 months and done about 12000 k's. It'll have no problems dragging you up and down hills dude. It's basically a very reliable, smooth commuter with nice linear acceleration. It's a bit of fun in the hills as well, but it's no sports bike.
  18. Because the LAMS scheme is all about power to weight ratios, anything that makes the bike lighter is straight away going to make the bike non-compliant

    In the OP you asked about 25kw. possibly 25 kilowatts of power? There will be an online conversion tool somewhere to tell you how many horses that is... or maybe I'm just wrong
  19. That's what I've done. Got great gear but a cheaper bike so when the time comes I have cash to splash.

  20. good move!!