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Lest we forget.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Loz, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]
    I hope this doesn't give anybody the impression that I'm not a Bradbury fan!

  2. I dont get it :?
  3. :rofl: that's a ripper :grin:
  4. what's the story with nikky hayden? i dont follow the moto gp; but i'm assuming he won a race where all the riders stacked it
  5. I think more he won a championship by other people stacking there way through the whole season
  6. Loz I take it you still haven't started on building that bridge?
  7. No bridge until justice has been done.

    Wanna know what makes me really REALLY angry?

    Go to http://www.nickyhayden.com/ and let the page load fully.

    Time to go spew now.
  8. UMMM didn't Dani take Hayden out? Rossi only has himself to blame for his off in the last round. :p
  9. If nicky wasn't the best, He wouldn't have so many points, rossi would've bet him on the straight like he was "planning", and the other so called "better" riders wouldn't have friggin crashed!

    Some motogp riders don't know how to check their blind spot :LOL:
  10. :LOL: awesome...
  11. OK its fully loaded, now what?
  12. Er, the song.
  13. Shouldn't Rick Kelly be in the photo too?
  14. Right, you didn't specify WITH sound :p

    I was about to say the same thing as matt, or wonder if it was one of those scary things where i was supposed to be sitting really close to my monitor :LOL:
  15. luv it!!!

  16. :rofl: the Song :) pissa
  17. All part of the post race antics, and I've no doubt that it was put there just for people with Loz's views.

    I think you've picked up another copy of Angling Times there Loz.