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Lessons learned after my first day of RiderSafe basic training

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nequam, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Target fixation is a big weakness for me, my weaving went from good to crap and back again.
    The clutch and I need to become much smoother friends!
    Throttle control is something I need to work at.
    I should relax a lot more.
    My bike is a lot more forgiving in general than the course bikes!

    ...and the course area is a closed area, meaning I can practice there with no police issues, woohoo!

  2. You got alot out of the course and glad you discovered the areas that need work. Most will come with practice.

    The problem of target fixation will kill you, so point your head where you want to go, have your eye level raised up, and if it helps, keep asking yourself

    ... "where am I going??"...Your eyes will tend to go there, by reaction.

    If that doesn't work for you, sort out some other mental "trigger" that will break your fixation.

  3. Yep, and I definitely intend to practice as much as I can Raven.
    I have two weeks before the second and final part of the course (extra week break due to long weekend in the middle), and will be getting down to the grounds and running though everything I can remember as much as time and weather allows.

    Eliminating target fixation I've been practicing whilst driving the car as well for a while now, I'm sure it'll become far more natural with time. I think all those cats-eye reflectors on the course are both inflating the issue, and also possibly the best method for me to fix it. If I can stop glancing down at those regularly I'll be a long way onto the right path.
  4. I had the same setup for my course ( as in the second one is coming up this weekend ), wish I could have gotten access to a bike and gone down to practice, would have done wonders I think. I had a big problem with target fixation also, been doing the same thing as you, practicing in the car, takes a lot to get your head around!

    Good luck for the second part of your course mate ;)
  5. Cheers mate! I'll be hitting the sale-yards again tomorrow morning for a bit more practice, going to try and focus on extremely slow speed maneuvering.

    Got me wondering now... you're not doing your Ls in Millicent are ya? lol
  6. Haha yeah mate, I suspected you may have been also, hence why I popped in here. Jealous that you get an opportunity to go practice, I would love to have had an opportunity to. You're not the bloke that owns the 650 Ninja are ya?

    Look for me on Sunday, I'll be the very tired goon in the black Skyline ;)
  7. Yup! Small world! lol :)

    I'm still not going to be as smooth as some of the others there Sunday, but the practice should help my confidence a bit even though their bikes feel so different from mine. Hoping there's nothing on there tomorrow so I can take a final spin, didn't get there today thanks to life getting in the way.

    We'll both be zombies then, I'm getting into night-shift mode! 8-[

    edit: and hopefully I can break in these gloves enough to use them during the course too!
  8. Down on the course at the mo... (havin a smoke break)... Swerving through the cats eyes is getting much easier, gear changes are better, and a switch to different gloves has helped a heap with throttle control.

    ...but damn I hope I pass tomorrow! Not getting out of 2nd gear, and dodging the occasional stock truck coming in, is bloody annoying on this bike! lol :)
  9. I think you'll be fine mate, as well as myself, when my younger brother did his course, there was a bird who had never ridden a bike before who passed, I'm sure people who have thrown the leg over one a few times will have it handled haha.
  10. Haha hope so... my mum's been riding the bike to and from the grounds so I don't get pinged, this arvo on the way home she let the rev-head in her loose and went WOT along Belt Road! I need to pass this course to guarantee the longevity of both my bike and mother it seems! lol
  11. Well we both passed, good time had by all :D
  12. Haha yes we did... "good time" is a little relative though, the time between queuing up and hearing those words "you've passed" wasn't that good for me! lol