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Lessons in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Dunit, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Hi there Netriders! :)

    I've been thinking about getting a scooter for quite a while now and have decided to take the plunge! The thing is, I'll need to get lessons along with obtaining my bike license but I'm having trouble finding any places in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne who can help.

    I don't actually have a scooter as yet, so the place would have to provide one as part of the lessons. I know that Motorcycle Motion in Cheltenham does this, but since I'm in Preston it's a bit out of the way.

    Does anyone have any advice on where to get lessons if you are in the Northern suburbs? I'll travel to any part of Melbourne if I have to, but if I can find someplace over this side of town I may as well utilize them! I remember hearing about a place in Fairfield who did scooter training but I can't for the life of me find any info on them.

    Anyway, any info appreciated! I'm a scooter newbie too, so I'd probably need a full course of instruction (tho I've driven a car for over 10 years so I do know the rules of the road!).

    This is a great site too by the way.. really informative :)
  2. Hi Dunit.

    Motorcycle Motion is great - yeah I know it's inconvenient for ya, but they certainly do have a lot of scoots there. I did my L course there, got my P licence there, and finished the 12 month probationary period last Friday.

    I'm sure our learned colleagues here will post some other scooter friendly instructors, but (and I can't believe that I'm going to give this advice) you could also think about doing the course on a bike, then shopping round for a scoot. There is zero licence difference, and if you do go down that path let me know and I'd be happy to take you through the scooter-specific stuff (including how you are supposed to respect all the bikers :wink: ) after you get your Ls

  3. HART are in Tullamarine.
  4. Armstrong's are in the north as well
  5. Thanks very much for the help guys! Thanks also for the offer Dave, I'll certainly have a think about what you've said too :)

    Just one other quick one, if you don't have any riding experience, how many lessons (or hours) would generally be needed/recommended? I know that's a bit of a subjective question, but assuming that I'm not totally uncoordinated, hehe!

    Thanks again for the advice, I'll post back with how I went when I get it all sorted. I've always liked the Majesty 250's and heard good things about them so I'm hoping to get one of them when I'm ready!
  6. To get the hang of a scooter? probably 10 - 20 minutes. To get really good at it probably a bit longer. Honestly, their not difficult to get moving and start having some fun on. I think HART lend you a 50cc to pratice and do the test on... you can request to have a try of the 125cc. I had a little 50cc back in Japan and got the hang of it within about 30 minutes without instructions. Prior to that only had push bike experience. It's really not that daunting.
  7. Me. Not even a bicycle rider. Poor sense of balance.

    std 4 hour first ride session
    std 4 hour theory and theory test

    (just coz it was dufus me) 2 hour private lesson

    std 4 hour practice + L test.


    .... 3 months later (riding 4-5 days a week since Ls)

    std 4 hour practice + P test.


    ...... 12 months later (riding 4-5 days a week) last Friday

    Full licence.

    Believe me, if I can do it anyone can!