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Lesson one, ambition doesn't come before ability...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Az, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Yesterday the weather was superb. Riding all day, had an absolute ball! Only to come to a grinding halt at the end of the day.

    I was on my way home and cruised past a mates place, and being a bit of a toolhead i decided to pop a wheelie as i was going past. (i'd been practicing a bit recently) and at about 20km/h i gave it a wrist full and let the clutch out.. and yep u guessed it.. over i went.. smashed the tail and tail light. Also putting a gaping hole in the side engine cover, and painted the road a lovely oil slick colour. My stupidity didn't go unpunished, the bike fell on my foot. (feet don't work to well as oggy knobs) tore a hole in my boot and squashed what was inside it.. today i've been hobbling around with a purple foot and kicking myself (metaphorically of course)...

    So as my punishment i've gone, what would be the last beautiful day of weather before the rain comes, without riding.

    Well lesson learnt. Ambition definately doesn't come before ability.

    Now.. who has some bandit parts????


  2. Ooops, we've all been there. Hope you're OK.

    Look on the brightside, at least you weren't in a crowded City Centre on a Sunday afternoon with your mates wife on the back................... :oops:
  3. Bummer, Az. Still I bet you don't do it again, so it's not been entirely wasted.
    Hope you're better and back riding soon.
  4. spiky wrote
    You may of been there , but to say we all have been there is wrong . Glad ur ok tho , the hardest lessons are the ones that hurt .
  5. We have?
    Shit thats news to me and the many people I know!
  6. Correction: Not everybody has been there.

    Thankyou for pointing this out.
  7. Woooo! Beyond vertical, just like that Triumph guy with the new speed triple!

    Bad luck ya clown, hope you and the bike pull up ok.
  8. I have a mask and a hessian sack you can have.
  9. 1 point to you.. hehe! :LOL:

    Hope you find all the parts you are after... hopefully your lesson learnt will make an impact on other new riders (or soon to be) like myself! Life's a learning experience... you now have one more thing you won't do again in a hurry :wink:
  10. no, we arent all that silly :)
  11. Not that I do intentional wheelies, but speaking to others who have in their misspent youth, I understand that if you go too far using the rear brake may help you.
    If you are to perfom these stunts on a more regular basis, perhaps follow the professionals and install a bumper bar to prevent you from going too far.

    Food for thought. :wink:
  12. on the rear brake thing.. didn't have enough time.. was all in one swift motion.. my blunder...
  13. what a pain! nothing worse that binning the prick in a moment of rev-headedness... done that plenty of times during beer fueled sessions on the chook chasers :LOL: Hope the bike is back on the road soon.
  14. yer dan, she'll be back on the road this week hopefully... just need to find a side cover for the engine.. they're the same as an across.. chuck some oil in it and we'll be mobile again.. some race tape will temporarily fix the tail till i can find the parts i need..
  15. ive got some karma coming your way bud :wink:
    hope lesson learnt watch that clip of biaggi doing a wheelie and youll see how quick you can pull it back. use the back brake and youll be sweet. watch his foot

  16. That is exactly the event that comes to mind.
  17. In a Nelson voice from the Simpson's

    *Ha Ha*

    Cheers 8)
  18. bummer dude but at least you've learned a lesson!
  19. Sounds nasty, was there a thread on this? :(
  20. wheelie lost

    You my young friend, are a brave man :x
    Mainly for telling everyone :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: