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Lesson Learnt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MyoMan, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Never park on soft ground again. After a night of rain a while back I found my bike on its left side. The left side grip is a bit chipped at the bar end but that's not my concern. It's the handlebar on that side that's a bit crooked. Not a huge deal but enough to get on my nerves. I only realised while riding the other day that my left handlebar sits back a cm or 2. Are there any cheap ways I can straighten this up as I can tell that I won't be able to afford it otherwise.
    Cheers guys

  2. I always carry an empty coke can in my tail bag, in case I have to park on soft ground, dirt, or even asphalt on very hot days. Just put it under the stand. Not sure if it would save the bike in case of a whole night of rain, but still ...
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  3. Good call with the coke can. Where I park during the day it's on asphalt and you can see where the kick stand of other bikes have pushed into the pavement on hot days. Would be interesting to see what would happen if one fell over in a line of 20 bikes though.
  4. Speaking of Coke cans.. Work was quite so I decided to practice my Magic skills...

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  5. JayteeJaytee I would show you the mess I've just made on my desk trying to replicate this, but I won't. It's depressing.
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  6. You can often bend the bars back again. Take off the grips and clutch clamp so it is just the bare bar. Then get a larger steel pipe that will fit over the end and give you some leverage to bend the bars back. Really a two person job this, it is a bit tricky to hold the bike and exert the necessary pressure otherwise.

    If worse comes to worse the bars them selves are not expensive to buy if you are happy to strip all the gear off the old one and install it on the new.
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  7. You could just try brute force.
    It's probably a 2 person job though, to do it properly without upsetting your forks.
  8. Go with the brute force. I know it is too late but the next time you have an empty sauce bottle, keep the metal lid so you can use it in an emergency to put under the side stand.
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  9. If you're talking lids that will hold your bike, you could always go this route....

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  10. This has worked well for me in keeping my bike upright on soft surfaces.
    A piece of 6mm thick rubber, bought from a Clark Rubber store. Smallest quantity they could sell was a half metre for $6, enough to make dozens like this - hmm, I could be onto a business here!
    Stand pad.
    I'd like to claim it was by good design, but it was really sheer accident that I cut a piece 125mm x 95mm. It fits either in the hip pocket of my jeans or a zippered pocket of my jacket, so it is always handy when needed. :happy:
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  11. Ha, I've done this.
    The bike suddenly started sinking and hiffed me off into a very prickly bush. I have since learnt my lesson and simply don't park, just keep riding. ;)
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