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Lesson Hopefully Learnt - Maybe!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bluezx9great, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. In WA (Perth) yesterday we saw the imprisonment of a 28 year old rider for 10 months for riding recklessly past a multinova speed camera on four occasions.

    Christian Marchesani rode past the camera kneeling on his fuel tank, standing on his seat, doing a wheelie and sitting on the tank with his legs hanging over the front visor. He also was giving "the finger" with both hands on three of these occasions. On each occasion he was traveling over 100km/h in a 60 zone.

    This prison sentence is well deserved in my opinion and sends a strong message to those riders amongst us who don't give a damn about their own safety, the safety of others or for the reputation of motorbike riders in general.

    Unfortunately riders such as Christian Marchesani set a bad example for the many safe and considerate riders in WA and Australia in general. We all get painted with the same brush and he should be ashamed of himself and owes an apology to every decent and considerate rider.

    Some message boarders may respond that there was nothing wrong with what he did. They will no doubt condone this type of riding "if it is done safely and at the right time" etc. Nothing can condone this type of riding on open roads. Nothing. If you think it is acceptable, then you are no doubt in the same category as Marchesani.

    The sooner we get this type of rider of our roads the better.

    For information I ride both privately and professionally. I have been riding bikes for 20 years. I have a ZX9 and a ZX10 and ride an ST1300 at work. I am also a Level2 racing coach with 7 years experience at that level.

    We all have a duty to ensure the reputation of motorbike riders is a positive one. Riders like Marchesani do nothing to promote that reputation.


  2. How did they end up busting him?

    Agree that this sort of thing needs to be reserved for MUCH safer areas.
  3. I totally agree

    Thanks Officer
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  5. Agree that this is silly behaviour. But yet to see any stats that these particular events (not the speed camera stuff, but stunting stuff) result in accidents and injury, other than occasionally the rider themeselves.

    I am not condoning any of the actions. Purely, from a stats points of view, it seems they arrest and charge a lot of these hoons. But very few of them actually cause accidents. :?
  6. Officious

    Very prompt and officious reporting indeed. We'll consider ourselves 'lectured'.
  7. Is this clown for real? How on earth is 10 months in prison fitting for this "crime"?
  8. a 10 month prison sentence for hooning is well deserved? :?
  9. He was stupid for getting caught.

    Maybe deserves a fine and to have his bike confiscated for the duration of his license suspension: but not gaol.
  10. 10 months prison?! :mad:
  11. Who is this Alan with one post to his name?
  12. Why do people call CRASHES accidents?
  13. Because very few people crash on purpose?

    I think you have confused yourself.
  14. Well we know he rides an ST1300 for work. What kind of work involved riding an ST1300?? Not a postie that's for sure...
  15. It fits in that the moron on the bike had little to NO control during some of these stunts and could very well have killed someone.

    I would also suspect he had a history. (Just a guess).
  16. +1 for bike skills though.
  17. Was this the guy that was also riding without a license on an unregistered bike?

    ^ coz THAT'S dopey [insurance wise].
    I have no problem with his riding though, as long as he doesn't hurt anyone else.
  18. And yet if you beat someone up until they're bleeding from the ears, you wouldnt get 10 months.

    To be honest, I'm doubting the guy got 10 months. Where's a link?
  19. 10 months seems rly severe.. i mean the guy who shoved a chair leg down some other guy's eye socket and down his throat didn't get any jail time.. (altho i disagree with that!)
  20. The West Australian Newspaper - Page 2

    Check out the West Australian Newspaper on page 2 or just Google his name, it's not hard. Christian Marchesani.

    He has an extensive riding/driving record and was on an 18month suspended sentence for previous reckless driving offences when he committed these offences.

    10 months is more than warranted and he will be out in 7 months with parole.