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Less than 2,000 KMs on the tyre and this happens...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SAMB, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

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    Worth trying to seal or am I out the nearly $300 on a new rear tyre? I don't have a pressure gauge here so not sure if there is even a leak. ****k.

  2. wtf did you run over? looks like a nail hole to the right of a cut/rip ??
  3. You are getting 2000kms out of your tyres? You need to ride harder.

    Kidding....those blooody tradies need to keep their load tied down.
  4. Reminds me of my tyre technician days, its a textbook puncture tear :) new tyre mate haha
  5. Cheers for the laugh...prick.
  6. Riding a bike is expensive
  7. so are women
  8. So is Cocaine, it depends on your habits.
  9. No problem kid i aim to be laughed at yet i dont know whats funny my job description when i was 16 was a tyre technician ? Now im in the navy.
  10. I'd go back and have a whinge at the retailer to get a replacement.
  11. Sorry but what do you expect the retailer to so? Unfortunately the OP run over something. Tyre is screwed. Need to buy new one.
  12. Navy? So now you're into rims?
  13. nice joke, see my view is sure friends family and other members of the defence force can give me a bit of crap about the navy, but a random bloke ive never spoken to doesn't have the right to put down people who defend his country.
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  14. A new tire it definitely is mate, but $300 sounds a bit steep. Just take the old one off, take it to a dealer and get them to put the new one on. Shouldn't cost you more than $200 all up!
  15. Mate that tyre looks stuffed. Put it down to experience and fork out for a fresh one.

    [QUOTE=Johnrhys;2409827]No problem kid i aim to be laughed at yet i dont know whats funny my job description when i was 16 was a tyre technician ? Now im in the navy.[/QUOTE]

    I reckon the OP was thanking you in a sarcastic way for laughing at his misfortune. Your first post in this thread finished with a hahaha, after all.

    As for the sailor jibe, you're on a public forum on the internet, so you're fair game. You really should lighten up mate.

    If it makes you feel better though, hang shit on me. I'm a plumber, so I can take it!
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  16. you made me lose my shit yeah i will shit mood thrown onto a thread i apologize...
  17. LOL. =D>
  18. I had to replace my back tyre at 470-ish km. If you're in sydney (or even if you're not) the cheapest place I found to buy a tyre was Balmain Motorcycle Tyres Shop

    (120/80-16) $99 + $14 to post. Pirelli branded. Everywhere else I called wanted $140 - $180. Ordered on Thursday, arrived at the fitters Fri afternoon.

  19. I'm giving Bruce of MMMTS a go. Good price and rave reviews on this forum. Will let you know how I go.
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