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Lerners Permit Test Tips please...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Indiana, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. I'm up for my lerners permit test next weekend (July 8th/9th) at Stay Upright in Geelong. Is anyone else at this session?

    Can anyone give me any tips? How should i prepare? What do the testers look for and what will piss them off? Any other general advice?

  2. read the blue booik...lots. not just the test questions either... the whole thing.

    other than that relax.... have you ridden before at all??

    the riding is not very hard when you relax... i haven't ridden since i was 10 and felt the riding was quite simple once you go throug it all before hand.....

    are you just doing the test or are you doing a training day typr course??
  3. Yeah read the book backwards...should be right.
    I've bought me a CBF250 and have been putting up and down the street...i'm finding it easy after years of experience on a push bike!
    I'm in for the two day course, as i have very little experience on a bike....
  4. how do you find the CBF??, what is the performance like?

    i sat on one and found that when sitting with feet on the ground the pegs were pushing right in the middle of my calves... meanina really strained position when stationary
  5. tehe... i can actually test ride one now :)
  6. I did mine in Sydney and it's almost impossible to fail. Relax, don't be a smart ass and listen to what they say. They tell you everything you need to know. I didn't read anything and hadn't been on a bike (even a pushy) in 20 years. You'll be fine and congrats in advance for passing it. :)
  7. Yep, me too, agree completely ....
  8. yeah.. what they said.. relax.. listen to whats going on.. look where you want to go.. and remember its not a time trial.. take your time, you dont have to go flat out... here in vic you do have to know the book fairly well, but dont stress, the written test is pretty easy, and its multiple choice.

    also, when doing the slow ride.. squeeze with your knees, and with both the quick stop and the slow ride, look way ahead of where you are going.. dont look down, and you'll be fine.
  9. tips...

    it's pretty damn easy, i don't think you'll need them :p
  10. I did my test at Tullamarine about a month ago, hadnt ridden for about two years and booked in for the day course. I thought id be in abit trouble remembering how to ride but in the end i found that my worries were over nothing it was a really easy test, and the instructors prepare you well for it.

    I know its hard, but try and relax, I was nervous as when i went for the actual test, but there was nothing to really be nervous about. Good luck
  11. Read the book, listen to the instructor and relax. Riding bikes is all about having a good time, so just try to do that for the w/end and you'll be fine. :)
  12. As others have said know the book and relax and remember most importantly Where you look is Where the bike will go. When stopping - keep your head up and look straight ahead - not down. Good luck with it. You will be fine. :)
  13. No time for love, Dr. Jones.

    Just relax and unlike I did, get alot of sleep.
    I still passed the exam though. :]

    Just do what everyone else said, listen to the instructors, and do your pre-reading, it's all about "common sense" on the written exam.

    Good luck! :]
  14. I passed mine on this past Friday, the test is quite easy and the instructors let you ask questions regarding the exam (But make sure you read the book)

    The riding test was pretty easy, make sure you listen to them - when practising and they ask you to stop and start 10 times, do it 15 times etc....and you'll be fine!
  15. I haven't ridden other bikes so i can't really comment too much on the CBF. I bought it because i found it much more comfortable than any of the faired grey imports (I'm 6ft and felt squished)...and also because it was such good value (i got it for $6000 ride away)

    I've been fanging around the local streets and it has plenty enough performance to keep me entertained for a few years;)
  16. All very sound advice.

    Just dont go hitting the terps before the big test.

    Last thing u need is a massive hangover before u go for ur L's, that said u should be fine.

    I had never riden a bike in my life and found it fairly straightforward.

    Good luck :))

  17. Me toooo, as above and you'll be right mate!. I'm back out there next week, to redo L's course, only because I don't have confidence to do P's yet.

    Best of Luck.
  18. Yep as the others have said read the book, relax, get a good nights sleep, listen to the instructors and have fun! Youll be fine. Good luck. :grin:
  19. From what I gather the CBF250 is the same old CB250 Parallel twin but with new fairings and tank borrowing stylings heavily from the VTR... Anyone know if they've re-engineered the twin in it?

    As for the Ls test, my sister did hers last thursday, I gave her a few quick fangs to help her get her bike cinfidence back, the main thing is be able to ride slowly (easier on a powered bike then a pushie), and know how to start it. aside from that, you'll be fine :p
  20. I did my learners only 5 months ago... It's easy if you relaxe and enjoy it. I had Never riden a motor bike before i did my learners and passed with 100% on both ride and written tests. I have since done a few thousand km's and love it. Good luck for the weekend :grin: You'll do just fine :grin: