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Leongatha Motorcycle Hill Climb 2012 (VIC)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Just letting you folks know that the Leongatha Hill Climb is on this Sunday, June 10.
    I went last year and had a great time. What other form of motorcycle sport do 99% of the competitors crash out? It's action packed and worth a look. Last year ony one bloke made it to the top.
    Some blur from the web site...

    Knox's Hillclimb was established in 1977. This event is a test of skill and horsepower to see how far a rider can make it up the hill and to our knowledge is unique in that it is the only hillclimb to run continuously for so many years in Australia. The event is run on private property which enables unregistered bikes to enter. All competitors must be a current financial member of the Leongatha Motorcycle Club, and have a current MV licence (or purchase a day licence prior to riding). All classes are scored on the distance made up the hill.

    Modified Bikes are any dirt bike modified from standard, such as an extended swing arm, different motor (not road bike motor), with any frame modification.
    Super Modified Bikes are motorcycles that have 2 or more cylinders with the motor being from a road bike, with any frame modification.

    Kevin Cook was a young active member back in the 70's. He shared
    a love of motorcycles with those he met. Kevin was out driving one
    day when he run out of petrol. He decided to hitch hike and get
    some more. He was picked up by a panel van, but unfortunately he
    never did get the petrol. The panel van rolled and his life came to a
    tragic end. The KEVIN COOK MEMORIAL CUP was started in his
    memory in 1977. Many of those attempting to conquer the hill today
    and be declared the "Outright Winner" will be doing so in his memory


    Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong section. It's not really a ride/event and it's sorta not pure motorsport. It's more of your eclectic whacky day out with motorcycles.
  2. i cant ride dirt for crap, but still want to have a go.........
    then i found this class,

    Road Bikes

    now i really want to have a go........
    as appealing as entering the vtr in this is,
    wonder if the wr passes... its road registered
  3. Planning on heading over to my old stomping ground. Used to go to the hill climb every year when I was a kid.
  4. Planning on heading down with my partner and old man. Actually hope it rains a little, if it wasn't already impossible for the majority of them to get up there. :p

    Is there any sort of cover charge just like to plan the day! :)

  5. We went down and had a great time. Only saw 3 out of 207 entrants make it to the top. (there may have been more but we had to leave at 3pm)
    Once again, thanks to the organisers and volunteers who gave their time to stage the event.


    The action was so great that by lunch many of the bikes needed a bit of a lay down. :):):)

  6. Just saw this post now......reminds me of scenes from "On Any Sunday"