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Leonard Cohen

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Garfield, May 18, 2011.

  1. Who knows of this artist?
    When I was a young gal, he published a book of poems which were banned in Australia. Had it smuggled in from an English friend under the guise of "a French Cookery Book"
    Am currently playing his DVD "Live in London"
    It is spectacular.
    The backing singers are all Australians.

  2. Use to work in a restaurant where the owner put on one of his albums at closing every night. Was about 1990.
  3. Was about 1970 when his book of poems was banned in OZ......
    He is a smooth dude.
  4. Two words...intense voice! Did you see him perform recently? I know he did a show in Sydney, but not sure where else he toured.
  5. Absolutely brilliant songwriter.......

    Most recent memory of his songs was when K.D Lang sung his song Hallelujah at the olympic opening ceremony in Vancouver last year.......powerful stuff!!
  6. Hallelujah:
    Just love KD Langs rendition.
    and I love intensely Leonard Cohens rendition.
    apparently they are soul mates.......
  7. Hallelujah imo is one of the most beautiful songs written. Kd Langs version is great but I love Jeff Buckleys version
  8. have not heard that one, nor do I know of Jeff Buckley... where is he from?
  9. He was from the US, unfortunately drowed in about 96 or 97 iirc, was only about 30 years old. He only had one studio album before his death titled 'Grace' but since then there are a few albums with unfinished songs/live stuff etc. 'The Last Goodbye' was probably his best known song.
  10. Melbourne, missed this concert, think it was the Hughie Hoare race meeting at Broadford. Could not attend...boo hoo for me! ( BTW friends who attented the Melb concert, said it was as good as London)
    Have bought his Live in London DVD for many older pax who have significant birthdays ending in O, including Bunty the secretary of the Sandringham MCC and my mum on her 80th who is the prez of the ALP in the NT. They adored it.
    Have also played it to younger generations of my family on a Sunday arvo at a long lunch and they adore it too.