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NSW Leniency Letter for RMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,
    Just after some advice. I got stopped by a cop this morning on the way to work on Epping Rd. (Sydney). Pulled over and got told that the Rego had expired 10 days ago. It turns out that I had paid for the Green Slip to the Insurance Co., but totally forgot to renew the damn rego after that w/t RTA for $59 (half yr. renewal)
    The cop issued a fine for $607. I just can’t get over it, was meant to buy a leather jacket and pants online this wk. Damn…. I haven’t got any demerit points on my license and was wondering if writing a leniency letter to RTA will make any difference. It’s my first time and I have had a good clean record.
    I know there is no harm applying, but can anyone give any tips on what important points I can add to the letter or how should I be framing one. Has anyone had any experience with this?
    As always any help will be appreciated.

  2. The way you have explained the situation is a good start, Clean record etc. If you can stretch the truth a bit and conjur up some sympathy, that always helps for example, sick parent, sick partner, sick pets, something that you can use to aid your excuse that you simply forgot often helps.
  3. you were on your way to the closest convenient rms office wernt you?

    in the rules, you are aloud to drive/ride to the closest convenient greenslip place, blueslip place, pinkslip place, engineer and rms office to register your bike/car

    register it at an office asap, and write a letter as such
  4. Poor advice.

    RTA does not exist. The state authority which regulates vehicles is Roads and Marines Services (RMS).

    Why would you waste your time writing a letter to an agency which neither issued or can review the fine?

    Read the notice you received. It provides you with the information you need to know. Following Senators suggestions will not succeed as they do not excuse driving an unregistered vehicle for 10 days. What will be successful is proving you were on the way to the closest motor registry.

    BTW, your CTP is not valid when your vehicle is unregistered. This means you could be held personally liable for compensation to any person injured as a result of an accident. In other words, your financial position could be ruined if you have an accident.

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  5. You could try. I don't think "I forgot" would be a good reason. A problem is that if you don't complete the registration then the CTP is not valid.

    How long is your clean record for? 10 years and you might just be able to contact them according to: http://www.sdro.nsw.gov.au/lib/docs/forms/sdr_pn_015.pdf
    Options and procedure is at: http://www.sdro.nsw.gov.au/fines/pn/review.php
    You can request a review of your penalty notice if you believe an error has been made or you wish to seek leniency because there were special circumstances which contributed to the offence.

    We cannot conduct a review if we also receive a request to have the matter decided in court.

    If you choose to review the matter and the outcome is not in your favour, you have 28 days to request to have the matter decided in court."

    Court is an option - plead guilty and request a Section 10 dismissal. I don't reckon it would work with an "I forgot".

    Of course, if you were riding for a purpose related to registration such as to actually pay for it at the RMS (maybe you couldn't do it online) then that would also be a defense.
  6. Thanks for the inputs guys...

    I don't think riding to the RMS office excuse will work...I told the cop I was riding to work, which is in North Sydney and the conversation was getting recorded, as he mentioned this at the start. He asked me where I was coming from & where I was going.

    Also, I think you are probably required to go the nearest RTA and I live in Castle Hill and the place of fine is 15kms from Castle Hill. They will say I could have gone to the nearest RMS in Castle Hill....

    I do consider myself lucky that I didn't have any collision during the rego lapse time...
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  7. Same thing happened to me Shori - don't even think i was 10 days over. Thought i was covered, didn't get the reminder, etc, etc. Yep, it's a hefty one i don't wont to repeat - the cop could also have made you leave the bike there as it wasn't registered. As the cop said to me "i'm going down that road over there, and wont be coming back this way any time soon". I took that to mean 'get on yer bike'.

    Personally i paid up (begrudgingly because of my own stupidity) and chalked it down to experience.
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  8. Yeah...It is a very hefty one. Will have to start saving again for the leathers...The cop allowed me to go to the nearest RTA on the bike. But I was able to do it online, as someone from home got me the billing code.

    The only good part is that there were no demerit points for this offense.

    I guess it's just one of those expensive experiences to learn from.
  9. Touche Mate. Must admit i'm a little more diligent now about the paperwork side of things!
  10. Good attitude! An expensive lesson for sure.

    I was pulled over in a car many years ago the day after the rego had expired. Car had been in getting work done for rego and I really was on my way to get it all done.

    Cop would have called in to check the rego in those days. He pulled me over and asked if I knew the rego had expired and I said "Yes. Here's the Pink slip and here's the Green slip. Am just on my way to fix it."
    It was all legit but he did give me a verbal caution about it.

    I had thought my Bike rego was due this month but it's due in April. Been waiting for the papers to arrive since Feb. Had to dig up the old ones from deep storage to check with no rego labels in NSW anymore.
  11. You're lucky in SA our fine for unregistered is max $2500 and max $5000 for uninsured
  12. Link: South Australians pay Australia's highest penalties

    "The new penalties better reflect the serious consequences of driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

    People who drive unregistered are also driving uninsured. They are bludging on the system and ramping up costs for everyone else.''

  13. These days the problem is compounded by the lack of a rego sticker to eyeball and remind you. According to an article in paper a week or two ago they are talking about bringing them back here in SA as the incidence of people getting pinged for not renewing on time has soared and they are struggling to deal with the backlash.
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    @Justus@Justus my mistake I was looking at an old article which the SA government was planning a fine hike to 2500 unregistered 5000 uninsured, this was in 2009

    I just registered for text messages 7 days and 1 day before retro expiry on all my vehicles
  15. SA also has EzyReg which allows you to pay monthly direct debit at no extra cost.

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  16. Write to the SDRO (use their online appeal system) and see if they will let you off, there was an old bloke on the radio this week that had done the exact same thing as you and they removed the fine and gave him a caution.

    Mind you there is a big difference between a 40 year clean record and a 4 year clean record (you didn't say how long your record was).

    Aslo I don't see how you could have let it lapse, I get a renewal notice, 2 emails, 2 text messages and then a letter stating the vehicle was unregistered (intentionally let the rego lapse on my trailer).
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    There probably should be 2 levels for this. Driving a vehicle that has been out of register for less than 30 days $300. All others $2000. There is a huge difference in culpability between the two.
  18. I'm sure that the $600 a pop will ease the pain of the backlash Mac.
  19. I believe in SA it is kind of like that, our TP is part of our rego.
  20. It is in the ACT. $560 and after 14 days out of rego add another $659.