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Leniency for fines in Victoria what a load of croc !

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lewylewy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Got a fine a few weeks ago for making an illegal left turn off a main road during peak hour trying to beat traffic.

    Cop pulls me over and gives me a $116.00 fine and says I should write into the Penalty Review Board as I was not speeding and haven't had any fines for over two years and the fine may be withdrawn and I may get a warning instead.

    Eligibility criteria for official warnings as below.


    Anyway got an answer back today, fine is justified and upheld. What is the point of the cops having a so called fairer fine system if they don't utilise it.

    Has anyone else had any success with these lazy layabouts who sit on the board rather than going out catching real crooks.

    Cops in Victoria are taking industrial action and are boo hooing about having their pay docked, Good hope their entire fortnight is docked, so they get a dose of what the real world is like having to juggle bills and crap. They may even have to get a real job in the meantime.

    End of my rant.
  2. I think you should consider yourself lucky; the only way you'll get a fine reviewed or waived in NSW is if you have a clean record for TEN years....
  3. They dont get bills to pay?! Dam it!

    Should've been a copper instead of a criminal. Wouldve made a good one
    as well. I would have let you off if you were prepared to cop a backhander
    in lieu of a ticket!

    Issue a writ to the Officer In Charge & take it all the way to the High Court
    of Australia. wink1.

    ...or you could follow Carri's lead. :LOL:

  4. bs.
  5. a learned and proven response, I presume you can disprove my experience???
  6. :grin:

    Sorry for being brash, I have the flu and am ANGRY!!!

    But yes; my bro, mum and I have all avoided some copper fines through appealing, without 10 years clean record :)
  7. Actually was going to be a smartarse and thought about making comments along the lines of handing out fines to subsidise their wage rises, but then he mentioned leniency so I bit my tongue.

    No demerit points on my fine, another reason I thought I might get a warning instead.
  8. haha :grin:

    How much was the ticket for bud?

    You know if youre hard up for cash you can ring a number &
    get extension. Its automated & you dont speak to anyone.
  10. mm, I tried to do the same and was told because I DIDN'T have a ten year clean license, that the fine would stand :evil: And it was only for under 15kay over, too, (although I WAS going a lot quicker than that, and the nice man only wrote me up for the minumum).
  11. Civic complience. 9200 8111. Can get an extension for a maximum of 3 months. Tell em I say hi :wink:
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  13. As someone who has been on the other side handing the TIN out, it just amazes me that you receive a ticket, you don't dispute the offence just ask for clemency and then biatch when you don't get your way.

    Did you commit the offence as issued on the TIN?

    If yes: Suck it up, you got caught, join the thousands of others every year who do the wrong thing and have to pay a fine.

    If No: Why are you asking for a review and a warning, you should have it heard by a court, and have your say to a magistrate. Force the Police to prove the offence.

    If the system was such that people could just write away pleading for a warning, would it be worth anything at all? If you got only a warning, would you commit that or a similar offence in future?

    Seriously, one of the best forms of education is a hip pocket education.
    Suck it up, or complete the court election on the back
  14. Agree all the way with tweet here. Lets face it, you got caught. $116 bucks, no points. Pay up and move on!
  15. He could've just given you the warning. What a wanker.
  16. I guess Police should just give every motorist who drives contrary to notice a warning, that way nobody would feel hard done by. Then again if that same "wanker" gave the person who turned left at that location contrary to notice crashing into you or your mum etc and damaged your bike/car/self would you think the warning was appropriate and sufficient, or would you be crying because the "wanker" did nothing at all for you??

  17. Tweet, I am not disputing the fine, one of the points I alluded to was the fact that the Vic Police Commissioner has publicly loaded onto the web a spiel on a fairer fine system, therefore why pay for a spin doctor if they waive some fines and not others and why stack a penalty review board with sworn personnel when they should be on the streets in force on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Quite frankly most cops aren't being employed to do the job the community demands and funds, even the cop who gave me the ticket said he had better things to do. There is a real lack of confidence and respect in the Vic Police and maybe all police in being able to effectively protect their citizens, they aren't a pro-active group but rather re-active turning up after crimes have been committed. They develop a siege mentality looking down on civilains given their enormous power to shaft anyone and aren't in touch with joe public.

    Anyway, bed time cos I have to work tommorrow to pay this trivial fine to the boys in blue.
  18. You make it sound like I committed a major criminal act, the road was a side street no turning into it during peak hour, but ok for bicycles, taxi's etc. I was on a 100cc scooter a real dangerous machine you see, capable of serious mayhem and carnage on our poor unsuspecting citizens with warp speed topping out at a massive 70 kmh going down a really steep hill.

    I will cop the fine and be done with it.
  19. I got done 2 months ago for overtaking a car by going into lane that was merging, went around the car and back to the normal lane

    Got booked with "Drive contrary to the direction of traffic line arrow's"
    Fine = $179 and 2 Points

    I would have ridden for another 5 minutes before the cop pulled me over. Probably took him that long to come up with such a pathetic offense

    The whole thing is just money raising and a total joke