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Lending someone your bike for P's test

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bebo3, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    One of my mates is taking the P's test (mainly because his L's runs out soon) and he wants to borrow my 250. He doesnt have a bike of his own, and has probably ridden only a few other times.

    Curious to know how many people do this, and if you think it's ok if he hasn't ridden in some time.

    Im worried about both the bike and my friend's safety, as I'm not quite sure what level he is at, and I was hoping to run him through the course at some point in the future to see where he is at. I have been riding for about 5 years now.

  2. Most providers have bikes to hire.
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  3. +1 to Fractalz. That would be my response. Of course it depends on how good a friend and if they could afford to replace the bike if damaged.
  4. A friend of mine and a member here have me free reign of his bike for practice and the test. Ended up not using it in the test for some reason and hired one from the centre instead. Was in same boat. Didn't have a ridable bike and hadn't ridden in several months. Was one of two to pass with no points accrued.
  5. I wouldn't in this circumstance.
    Insurance - is he covered?
    Even if he is covered (assuming you have insurance) then there might be a huge excess if anything happens. If he can't afford or is too stingy to hire a Bike then he might not meet that excess if anything happens. The hire bikes usually have big bars on them for a reason.
    In this case he might be better off doing his L's again - cheaper, gets back to basics and gets some experience and then he has time to get some ride hours up if he is serious about riding.
  6. Thanks, this will probably be the best idea. I don't have insurance as well because I want to sell the bike and upgrade to 600cc once i turn 25, so if he crashes then i lose alot of resale value even if i repair myself and resell.
  7. I did, once, lend one of my bikes to a mate's wife as a "back up" bike for her MOST.

    She had been learning on a very elderly 125 Honda and was worried about the bike playing up during the day, so she also had my 125 Yammie available as a spare.

    To be honest, I had ridden with her several times, and her husband had looked after my motorbikes for donkey's years.

    But, as far as the original question, no, I wouldn't.
  8. If you're pretty damn sure he'll pay for any damage then lend him your bike. If you're not sure or you don't want to find out the hard way, then I'd suggest he hires a bike from the training facility.
  9. The bikes they provide have drop bars so pose little to no financial recourse for your friend and you if he drops it.

    Also, unless he's grown up on trail bikes or riding illegally, I would highly suggest he not attempt the test without more substantial practice than 'a few' runs.
  10. He's your friend, you know him so it's all down to you. We can give you some implications but only you can decide.
  11. Take him over to Homebush and run him through the test, see how he goes
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  12. If you want to remain friends, don't let him ride your bike. $150 for a hire bike is extortion but that's the price of admission.
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  13. This is what id be thinking/considering
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  14. and if your mate is unwilling to pay the price of admission you have to question the strength of his motivation :cool:
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  15. Yeh I mean he's had his L's for a while and I was apprehensive because he is just rushing to get it done before the expiry, so yeh unless he impresses when I run him through the course I think he will have to use the hired bike, for his safety, others, and my bike.
  16. yeap im with @Fractalz on this. its not only an issue if he drops it due to repairs and cost, something else to factor in would be if he can't pay up for quite a while, and you lose a good mate as well as your baby in the process?

    if you've ever seen the bikes at stay upright, they are all wrecks from the amount of times theyve been dropped. if he's that keen to ride he'll happily hire one, and buy his own bike as well :happy:
  17. The other side of the coin!

    I had to do this to get my P's many many years ago.

    Reason: I only had a 2 stroke Enduro type bike (KDX250) which I rode everyday; however, it would not pass the roadworthy check conducted at the Police station.

    I borrowed a mate's GPZ250, having never ridden a 'road bike' before, I found the riding technique required was totally different from the bike I had been riding.
    Luckily it was in the days where the local cop just told me to ride down the road, do a U-turn and return to the station, while he filled in the paperwork.

    My point is: if your mate borrow's your bike, make sure he is able to ride it enough to pass the test.
  18. A friend asked if he could borrow a bike for his P's, (as far as i know he had only really had time on his wifes scooter, learners course and a quick couple of spins on a school oval when we used to work together in demolition, He learnt how to use clutch and gears while sliding around on grass on road tyres)

    I let him ride it to the course with me following and showed him what was required to pass. He was able to do it in the first couple of goes to a level that i believe would get him his license, so I gave him the keys for the test and he past.

    This was on a motard though with a cheap replacement plastics and he is someone to pick things up straight away. I also helped get his wife up to a standard to pass her P's after she had failed and was quickly running out of time. Nothing sextist but I wont be loaning her a bike any time soon.
  19. A bloke I know asked to borrow my bike, I in turn asked to borrow his daughter, because it amounts to the same thing..
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