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Lemon Bike help. (update #1) new problem.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shady_knife, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. see thread for more info. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65165

    but basically, bought the bike, broke down same day, it got a repaired CDI and a new regulator put in, worked fine until <100 k's later it broke down again, got a new fuel pump. worked fine for around <40 k's went to start it just now, and its not going again. at this point in time should i start to suspect the mechanic of trying to milk me? or just a lemon bike?

    i fail to see how it works for a while, then it just dies the next day.

    this time it seems like it wants to start, but its not ticking over, it doesn't start reving, seems to get to the step before it starts reving, and yeah nothing. i don't know how to describe it better...
  2. Has it got spark, compression, fuel going into the carbie, and out? Might just need a good clean out.

    To save fart-arsing around, try and jump start it first, if that doesn't work...

    To check the spark, remove the plug(one at a time) and rest the base of the plug against the frame(ensuring it touches an unpainted section so it has a good connection), away from the spark plug hole(fuel tank/battery). Ensuring the bike is in nuetral, and if possible on a rear stand, turn the bike over. It is best to do this in a darkish environment so turn the light out first. If you can see the spark the plug should be okay. Using a set of feelers if you have them check the gap, and put it back in. Check the other plug. Before you put the plug back in see if you can smell any fuel in the chamber from turning it over. it should let you know if fuel is getting into the combustion chamber.

    Go borrow a compression tester and with the plug out turn the bike over, let us know how it goes.

    Also did the mechanic notice any indication of moisture in the oil? Any moisture from a faulty gasket is going to be bad(Thats if your bike is liquid cooled).

    http://www.freepdfmanual.com/2009/04/21/honda-cbr250r-maintenance-repair-and-troubleshooting-manual maybe this can help you out *shrugs*
  3. is that your backside in the pic? maybe the mechanic's just trying to get you to come back to have a perve :LOL:
  4. If I'm not mistaken, this bike doesn't need a fuel pump. It's gravity fed to the carbies. It's mainly bikes with fuel injection that need a fuel pump.

    When the bike broke down, what did it do? Rev really high and then stall? Bog down and stall? misfire and stall? Just didn't start? blow heaps of smoke and then BANG! ???

    The more information you give us, the we can help out.
  5. as far as i know later models were gravity fed, but the mc19's weren't....
  6. I know earlier models used vaccum fuel system, and the RR use gravity. pumps generally for fuel injected. You can hear the fuel pump, when you turn it on it makes a few clicks

    try a different mechanic if this ones a dud.
  8. they seem alright, they're also on this website.. seen them post before.
  9. Hard to judge Shady_Knife it is a 10 year old bike but hasn't done a lot of K's. Nevertheless parts do get old and break down. If you have lost confidence in your current mechanics then maybe it is worthwhile changing. You have invested time and money into this bike now so I would see how in pans out when you get it back. You may have no more problems. The problems you seem to have had so far have all been electrical and could be related.

    Regulator is a common Honda problem, a failure can mean the voltage can rise to high levels. CDI and electrical fuel pump could have been damaged by that high voltage. The battery and possibly light globes are usually the other thing damaged by a regulator failure. Globes can be stressed so they will start blowing. If the battery is a sealed one it may have reduced capacity and so will be harder to start on cold mornings. These are things to look out for. Good luck.
  10. 10 year? its 21 :p ta.

    yeah not sure about the mechanics.... will give them one more shot i suppose.
  11. :LOL: Whoops carry the ten ;) even more applicable then.
  12. pretty sure its got a radiator
  13. well got the bike towed there this morning. hopefully gets looked at today.
  14. sounds like a fuel problem, maybe you need to clean out or replace jets and floats.
  15. the common problem with these import 250's are the carbies they need to be set spot on or the bikes just dont run ive had two ZXR250's and both have needed the carbies cleaned and reset plus they need to be syncronised sounds like your mechanic doesnt know what hes doing :? does your mechanics face look like hes ass because i think they look alike unfortunatly and thats where hes talking from :cry: the bike should run pretty much the same on either unleaded or premium unleaded! i run both in my bikes and have no problems
  16. well i just went for a 210km ride down the great ocean road.

    i stopped at Lorne and the temp guage went past the 'h' when i stopped, but as soon as i started the engine it went back to the middle (where it usually sits) so i thought "mmm we'll watch it" so i did, rode to apollo bay and it stayed in the middle the whole time turned around came back all good, got to about 1k away from my house and it went to the hot part again whilst i was moving, stopped at home and the (i still assume coolant) came out [see picture] hissed n shit ect.


    i checked the oil, was a bit low i filled her up.

    i just put it on idle just then and it started to overheat whilst idling o.0

    any ideas guys? someone mentioned head problems?

    *edit* well now its not over-heating at idle anymore.
  17. could be a few things make sure when the temps get high the thermo fan is turning on it could be the thermostat,thermostat sensor,thermo fan,thermo fan plug u can install one of these and it will keep your temps around 80c just ask the guy to relist one http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Keep-your-bike-COOL-CBR-R1-GSXR-ALL-BIKES_W0QQitemZ160341751924QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Motorcycle_Parts_Accessories?hash=item25551cf874&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A1|66%3A2|39%3A1|240%3A1318-|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50
  18. Bike overheating?

    Frequently the fan thermo-switch dies. Does the fan start up when its hot? If not, a lot of people just wire a switch to the handlebars for it. But keeping with the 'stock' trend, you may just want to replace it.
    Sometimes the thermostat doesn't open. Does the radiator get boiling hot? If not, its probably not opening. You can take it out of the bike and chuck it in boiling water to test it.

    As for the fluid leaking after a ride. If the bike overheats, it tends to shoot out fluid. However, If the radiator cap is not sealing, the pressurized radiator fluid will also be able to leak out whenever its warm. This can interfere with the cooling system. A new one should fix it. But if the bike isn't loosing fluid at normal temperatures, this probably isn't the problem.
  19. Yep your photo says overflow pipe to me. plus it was the guy that asked for photo in modifications forum. I would also liek to refer to what i wrote in your other thread in mods forum, and its the same as these guys said =/


    Btw to make it easier for everyone, you should keep it in one thread, then people can follow your progress, you dont have to retell your story twice.
  20. cheers, will do.