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Lemming Corner - Sunday arvo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99CIBBER, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Lemming claimed another victim yesterday. I stopped to help a dude who binned it coming down through Lemmings toward Wollombi. Hit the Armco and crashed. Luckily he wasn't cleaned up by a cager afterwards. 2 cars stopped to see if he was ok. (the temporary Australian coment came out...) Didn't get his name but he was riding a ZZR 250. Anyone know if he was a NR member or not? Hope he made it home OK as the bike wasn't starting for him.

    Anyone else got any stories about the gnarlyness of Lemmings?
  2. That corner is lethal. Everytime I come around there now I slow down to crawling pace. I don't care if people think that I'm going too slow. I have seen a few accidents on it involving bikes coming down hill. The last guy I saw had his left leg & foot bent & broken in a major way in about 3 places. I think that his left leg did the cushioning between the bike & the armco rail. I can't believe that he won't have permanent disabilities of some sort for the rest of his life. The very first time I came around it years ago, I had a near miss & have been very careful ever since.
  3. It's one of those corners that can seriously shake up any rider. The tight little double apex right hander, the off camber factor, the cliff face, the shabby road surface the steepness of the gradient the narrowness of the lane. Gives me the heebee geebees just thinking about it. :)
  4. Where is the corner located? I can find a bunch of references to it on Google but no map.

    Fun Ha!
  5. 25kmh then 15kmh corner;
    Google map of lemmings cornera

    If you start the first corner (25 recommended) wide, then you're setup nicely for the next corner. But if you take it tight and then see the 15 right in front (on a downhill, bumpy corner), it can cause panic which can lead to a crash.

    A resurfacing would help, as would better sign age specifically targeted at motorcyclists.
  6. Lemming corner is a locality. There is a series of about 5 corners and there have been quite a number of accidents there. I hope the link works..

  7. Thats a ripper corner but needs more signs to keep people aware on whats coming, ive seen near misses happen there, not good to see
  8. Thanks guys! (y)

    Fun Ha!
  9. I cannot understand how people can ignore the signposts warning about the corner, and the atrocious road surface, and manage to crash at Lemmings Corner........
  10. With better signage and better surface that would be a nice little sequence, but with the edges cut up like that I can see how it could very easily bring people unstuck especially if there is an other vehicle coming the other way and they start feeling closed in and get the SRs firing.
  11. This little sequence of signs sets off the alarm bell inside me everytime.

    Granted it comes into view just at the same time as you've tipped in for the right hander, but there's still plenty of time to button off and deal with it.

    I think it's the tightening radius right hander that's responsible for sucking people in. The entry looks open and inviting which will encourage riders to ignore the 25k sign posted.

    But running it hot will put you out of position for the lefty everytime.

    Phizog is right, if you're disciplined enough to enter the right hander wide, then you'll catch the warning signs early enough to escape the left hander which you should know is waiting for you. How many right handers are followed by a right hander?

    I don't think it's a case of better signage, I think it's a case of better reading the signs. Although the left hander warning could be better placed if you could see it before committing to the right.

    I bet the locals love the corner, it's the randoms that crash on it.


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  12. Looks like an awesome set of corners to test the new on-board camera out on. Or at least make a good jewtube crash video :)
  13. isn't it signposted as lemming corner? I was under the impression the council renamed that corner as such.
  14. The lemming corner sign is about 300 before the first right hander.
  15. Yes it is....
  16. I think most accidents happen where the road tightens up for the second right hander, the extra little turn. So if riders start wide for the first right and finish tight, then they're out of position for the second little right as it comes at you quick.

  17. Actually that might explain the crashing, it's a decreasing radius corner not a double apex corner.

    Running the corner wide while washing off sufficient speed into the apex will set up your position nicely for the left hand flick. Remember you can't see the apex until you see the exit.

    If riders are running off at the RH apex then they're carrying waaay too much speed into the corner.

    If a rider is having a crack at it then they're mostly likely carrying 50+k's at the 25 sign thinking it's a simple proposition to get around. It's not until they see the 15 that awaits them that they realise 50 into 15 wont go. And if they don't hit the armco on the right hander they're going to hit the wall on the lefty

    If they're carrying excess speed and they're out of position then they're gunna grab a handful of 'oh shit' and park themselves everytime.
  18. It's a blind corner no matter which way you're going.

    Why all the angst when at any other time you'd be telling people to ride to the conditions, and doubling every yellow sign you see is hardly that.

    Heading north/west, that corner is also second after a similar downhill tight turn. You'd have to be stupid not to expect something coming up and if you've not ridden it before you should be even more careful.

    Would you all expect a sign like those on every single bend on galston gorge?
  19. I go through there every so often too (on my ZZR250) since im fairly local at Cessnock. Nasty bend if you take no notice of the signs or have previous experience on the road thats for sure.
  20. To my dedicated fan-base;

    I am pleased to report that this was not me. There is reason yet to live.

    Peace, love and rock 'n roll.