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Leigh Matthews backs into Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Treffynnon, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. I was just riding back from Mornington and dropped into a servo in Mentone to refuel. I had had this luxury Volvo 4WD thing cruising near me all the way up the FWY and up the Nepean. I was keeping a close eye on it as it was kinda pushy at some points.

    Anway pull into the servo and so does it behind me and I claim the last available bowser. So he was mucking about in the forecourt angling for a bowser. I thought nothing of it and started filling up until I start hearing all this yelling.

    The trail bike that was also fueling was being backed into by the Volvo. And as I was paying I notice http://lions.com.au/default.asp?pg=coaches&spg=seniorcoachprofile&personid=13817 walk from the car.

  2. :shock:

    So you got back okay? Was a nice little run around the Peninsula today, with Sirprice, Treffy and a bloke we met up on the Seat (Rory).

    BTW whwre did the thread about this ride disappear to? I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Yeah mate got back fine, thanks. The very light rain disappeared quickly and I cruised home taking it easy. I had fun joining you guys on your Sunday jaunt. Hope you still had some fun whilst catering for a newbie. :)

    As far as the original post goes; don't really know how the system works but I think moderators delete posts that are not listed in the calendar but are in the events forums. Not sure though.

    Thanks for the ride again guys.

  4. No sweat, it was an enjoyable arvo, I've run in my donk now and got to ride local too!

    I was just posing the thread question in general terms to the mods - I searched everywhere and haven't located it. No biggie, just odd :)
  5. Peninsula Ride

    Hey Andrew, I too looked for the original post Ah well its over now so I spose it can be buggered off somewhere into cyberbin space :grin: .
    Geez Treffynnon good job it wasnt your wheels that got squashed . I hope you had fun on our unorganised ,impromptu ride .
    Next time we will have a route mapped out ,more like PNUTS 2fiddy ride and it wont be on a long weekend with cars everywhere. There were suprisingly few cars that we came across and some of em even pulled over to let us past.
    Must also say welcome to Rory who we met up with by chance at Arthurs Seat .
    Simon next time we will do the Flinders twisties a couple of times to warm you up for a shot at the Ascent ( Arthurs Seat) , we will try to get Karma into it as well.
  6. Sirprice, check your PMs - you know that Trident parked next to us at Flinders...?
  7. Hey folks .... sorry I couldn't join you all today! After taking the bike out yesterday was worried that my rear tyre had a puncture .... but given that it is still holding up today, it's probably just a slow leak. Something to look into, but not urgent (phew).

    Didn't feel too crash hot this morning after the wedding last night anyway :wink: , so probably best not to be battling tourist traffic today.

    However, given my car broke down Friday night, and mechanic not back until Wednesday, I will be forced to do a little more riding over the next few days!

    Catch you on the next one! :grin:
  8. Liegh Mathews

    Karma , it sounds like bad Karma has come to bite you on the bum . semi flat tyre and a broken car :( .
    Hey the car is no problem , just leave it to rot in the driveway , cos it makes more room for the bikes in the garage. :grin:
    Maybe you need a can of the emergency puncture repair stuff . I have never used the product on road going application but always used to carry it as a get me home solution to a puncture.

    Pity you couldnt join us Sunday along with Drew there where no cops and not many cars around , some of emm even moved over for us to pass :)

    Next time