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Legislation on accuracy and calibration of police radar?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. I remember reading somewhere that you can request to see a certificate stating that the radar has been calibrated. If they can't provide it or it hasn't been calibrated for x period of time, the recording is not valid.

    What's the legislation on this? How long is x?

    I got done on the Duke highway Sunday night as I was coming around a long sweeping left hander. The cop was on a motorcycle (as was I) and supposedly clocked me at 126, however I never remember seeing such a speed on the clock...


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  2. Check out the Law and Govt section. There is a sticky on Speeding Fines.
    But was he mobile? Did he just get you on a speedo reading or radar?
  3. He was heading in the opposite direction, ~ 80km/h according to his display. There was another little LED display which said "126", my speed apparently.

    Almost as soon as I came into view around the corner I saw his lights come on... :mad:

    It was around 5:50pm and the sun had almost set.
  4. As far as I recall its every 12 months.This was done at only 1 place-in Victoria anyways,a uni and I forget which one. :-k Its has to be calibrated and verified and on the unit it will have a sticker with the date,like a void if warranty seal.You can-and I have-requested to see it at the time of the infringement.
  5. Yeah pretty sure its something you have to request to see at the time.
  6. A workmate had just been through all this. You can request calibration and you can also request training records of the police officer to make sure he is up to date.

    Trying to make any of it stick in court is something else again, apparently. Lots at stake, very impossible to win.
  7. If you were in NSW I could help you out with whatever info you need, but very rarely are the units not certified on time, they are usually overcertified, this is due to so many people in the past getting a fine annulled simply based on the certificate. They are pretty on the ball in NSW anyway.

    The training of the officer involved if not current/competent could just save you, but again will be unlikely in your favour.

    If you take the fine to court, be warned that the police service probably have retained Radar/Lidar expert witnesses that they will quickly front up with on the hearing date, and proceed to question them at length. In the even the cops get up, you may get a costs order which can be considerable, and far more than the fine was originally.
  8. Ouch, Admiral, now that I think of it...have you been for another rider test yet? Or is this going to be a nasty thing for you?
  9. Not sure what you're getting at?

    I have my R-date motorcycle license, and full car license. I also have quite a few points left...

    Spoke to a lawyer and he said I dont really have many options other than to double check the certification. The tricks bag is a bit thin unfortunately. I would probably lose in court, especially being that the fine was given during Easter, and it would end up costing more than the fine anyway.

    Guess it's just gonna be more revenue for the government... I could have flown to Sydney for less! $280 for 16km/h over the limit on an open highway hundreds of km from Adelaide... rediculous. :mad:
  10. I also got nicked in this manner the last time I was in Australia. How does this work in relation to working out your speed from a vehicle travelling in the other direction at another speed, at a varying angle to your vehicle?

    Seems to me to be a lot of calculations going on to work out your speed each with possible % inaccuracies involved with your speed getting the thick end of any inaccuracy.
  11. Request the specifics of his previously issued infringement immediately prior to yours. If the speed detected on the previous was identical to yours, you have grounds to discount on the basis the officer possibly didn't reset the detector.
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  13. WRONG!
  14. Mouth, was that a joke? LOL

    P.S when you request a copy of the brief of evidence in Victoria you get a certificate of calibration and the officers qualification.
  15. What happens if you get caught with one of those detectors?
  16. Nope, a mate wen't to court with only that as his 'evidence' and got off. That was about 18mths ago.
  17. Hate to argue, but this could work. (Could), on the grounds that he didn't actually take a new reading.
    I suspect it would come down to whos evidence was believed and how the Magistrate felt on the day.
  18. nasty stuff in nsw

    effectively equivalent to a high range drink driving offense.

    Just looked up the site, and can't find any reference to radar detector offenses in any of the 3 pdf's - know i've seen in somewhere before. Something like 9 points and more than a thousand bucks plus confiscation.
  19. They're a waste of time and money anyway. In the case of mobile radar, by the time the signal is present, the copper has already seen you, estimated your speed, thought "that bloke's going too quick", and then released the beam and confirmed his suspicion with the radar.

    When the cops release the beam on a target who's doing 130, only to see that target suddenly drop to 100 provides a sure sign he has a radar detector.
  20. Not entirely a waste of time. Great for radar operated speed cameras and for mobile radar units, if you are the first in the line of traffic then bang your gone but if some one is in front of you, when the cop targets the car in front of your the detector in your car will pick up the signal and give you time to slow down. Laser is a different story.

    Detectors are illegal in all states.