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Legend on the roadside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DamoVDH, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Hey all..

    Just wanted to say thanks a million to a fella named Daniel (rode a very nice R1 not sure if he is on here), who was kind enough to stop at the side of the tullamarine freeway in melbourne this evening circa 4:30pm

    So here i was, langusihing on the side of the freeway with a very flat rear tyre, only 400kms on the bike total so feeling average. Didn't have any roadside assist, so call a bloke who says sure $150 and ill be there, so i had limited options... just after I say sure come grab me, Up rides Dan and asks what's wrong, we inspect the tyre and he finds a dirty great hole centre of the tyre.
    Next thing i know he says "cancel the tow, Ill head home and grab some stuff to fix you up".

    10 mins later he rocks back with his badass 4WD truck, a plug kit, portable compressor and back up compressor in the truck too. So he goes ahead and sorts me out in less than 5 and I'm on my way.

    Really, All I can say is, you my friend are a freaking legend!

    If I was a smarter man, I would have got some more details other than a first name... as I owe you a drink / high five / chest bump / all the above (yes I have love for this sorta act).

    Its so refreshing to see such a selfless act for a fellow rider.

    Anyway's, its always good to report on the good times. hope this is in the right forum too.

    Ride safe all
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  2. Awesome man - riders really are the best people.....

    Hopefully you can find out who "Daniel" is and send him a case of his beer of choice...

    What a champion effort....
  3. Awesome bloke
  4. it was me you owe me a slab and a go on youre girlfriend if shes hot
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  5. Nice to see that there are some damn good people out there.

    And also pretty good to hear of a good news story instead of the bitching and moaning that can sometimes preoccupy a few of us. Thanks for sharing. (y)
  6. It's heartening to read a good story like this happening on a Melbourne freeway. Daniel, good Samaritan <- good karma has your address.
  7. Thats exactly what I was thinking, its good to get some positive vibes out there!
  8. People are awesome.

    You only have one option, next time you pop the missus you have to get her to call you Daniel...its in the rulez. ;)
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  9. I was once broken down on the hume around Yass and the superbikes were on at the island the coming weekend so there were hundreds of bikes heading down and every rider that passed me stopped to make sure i was ok. One even gave me a bottle of water and a packet of chips to tie me over til the tow came for me!
    Say's alot for bike riders.
    Hope you can find him and buy him a beer.
  10. Great story...

    Get yourself a puncture repair kit
  11. Thumbs up!