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Legally "running a red light"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Washington state
    Riders in washington state can now legally turn left on red if the signal doesn't know they are there.
    I know it drives me INSANE when a traffic light doesnt detect me and I sit there for way too long waiting... waiting... grr.

  2. There a few intersections with this problem. I tend to avoid them if I can. The worst would have to be the intersection at the end of the Burnley off ramp on the Monash (outbound). I have been led to believe that if you have waited the appropriate amount of time (ie. a full cycle of the lights) and you still have not been picked up, then it is legal to make the turn as long as it is safe to do so.

    I think you can also call VicRoads to report it as a signal fault or similar.

    :D :D :D
  3. If it doesn't detect you, back the bike over the sensors and hit the ignition. Hit it a few times.

    The sensors pick up electro-magnetic stuff, so that trick will let you through.
  4. oh and it isn't only bikes that have this problem. High ground clearance 4wd have the same issue.
  5. If you arrive at the interestcion slowly enough you can usually see the lines in the bitumen where the sensors have been installed.

    Make sure you stop directly over them and blip the throttle a few times. This usually works for me here though I don't know if they use the same system in Victoria.
  6. I normally give up waiting and go press the pedestrian walk button thingies...
  7. The interesting thing is, on the M5 Sydney the e-way doesn't detect bikes.
  8. But I bet the speed cameras do!!!
  9. Unfortunatley they are motion sensors, not magnetic loop. Bummer really
  10. Check both ways and proceed with caution.
  11. Most US states (if not all) see people allowed to turn right at red arrows if there is no oncoming traffic. Must come to a stop first though (works like our stop signs) saves mucking around with induction loops and expensive road works. Common sense is the order of the day, but there is no place in Australia for it. :roll:
  12. Its not most, its about half....and touring the USA you will find that even in States (eg California) that do allow it, it's not legal at ALL intersections. There must be a "Right Turn OK on Red" sign.
  13. Ah, thanks for clarifying that...
  14. Unfortunately that only counts as 'clarify' for California. Other States (eg Nevada), do the opposite, its ok unless there is a "No Right Turn on Red" sign. Its very easy to get into trouble if you are touring through a lot of the USA. Isn't government wonderful.
  15. I guess that's the difference between having 8 states and territories and 8 police forces as opposed to 50 states and 18,769 police forces. :LOL:
  16. Yeah same in Vic, works for me too. We also have light sensors at some major intersections. In the ACT you are allowed to make left hand turns with caution at any intersection. And I believe that it is legal to run the red after 2 cycles in Vic.
  17. jeez, I don't know, I won't "run" a red at 2:00am when I can see for miles in every direction. Just woosy I guess, but I've seen too many anvils fall on Wylie Coyote, and I've always got in the back to my head........
  18. And to think we used to have 4-way stop signs.
  19. Yeah, remember the roundabout at Miranda? Now it has six trillion traffic lights and none of them make sense......... (and the local panel beaters have gone broke!!! lol)

  20. There are a few sets that when I fond em at night that I come to a full stop and give them till I cant see another vechile on the road then I just go.... if I ever get pulled over I plan to say that they never pick up on the sensors and besides I've heard that you are allowed to do that on ANY intersection once you feel it is safe to go... if the lights dont change that is.... has anyone else heard this?