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Legality of Custom HID Lighting/Mod's

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by meshes, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I've been looking at doing a bi-xenon HID conversion, which will have bi-xenon HID's with red devil eyes and halo's as well as LED strips on my front headlights.

    something along these lines:


    I've seen a lot of people doing this OS but don't really have any idea about it in Australia and haven't seen this stuff outside of pics & videos online. So i'm not specifically sure how obvious/distracting these are to other road users etc.

    Just wondering on the legality before proceeding really, especially riding around with red devil eyes etc. would this be violating any laws, in particular NSW?

    I do remember hearing anecdotally that blue lighting on vehicles is illegal as it conflicts with police colours, this may have been a certain state or even NZ, or untrue tho.[DOUBLEPOST=1356673582,1356672028][/DOUBLEPOST]should also mention that it'll be modded for both halo's on for lowbeam and both halos + both eyes shining for highbeams..

    i've seen a few bikes like this (minus the red eyes), but is there a limit that will get you pulled up for being a nuisance? or really just a matter of tweaking the beam strength and direction/pattern to not be annoying?

    some cars i've seen with blue tinged HID's are distracting as hell.
  2. Retro fitting HID's are illegal, the beige brigade will tell you that. In saying that, I have them fitted and have not looked back. I used a lower wattage so it produces' white light not blue, so I don't attract unwanted attention.

    The halo lighting, dunno. Could be OK as they are like park lamps, I still don't understand why Australian bikes have them when the low beam is fixed on.

    This brings me to the red lights, apart from looking ghey. You will get Police attention for sure. 100% illegal and I wouldn't even run the risk.

    BTW, I'm prepared to rum the risk with HID lights. Yes I know the consequences and I'd still rather have awesome headlights and enhance being seen by numpties.
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  3. If it is anything like fitting HID to a car you need to get 3 things for them to be legal. They need to fitted with washes and must be auto balancing - don't see how that would affect a bike though unless I get a massive top box.
    Finally you need an engineering plate - again not sure how it works for mbikes :)
  4. Cazzo, it's the light's temperature that effects it's colour, not the wattage. So, 4300Kelvin look slightly yellow white - like sunlight, and 8000K is bluish. You can see best with 4300K. The higher temps are just for poseurs and if you want to annoy (causing crashes). :confused:

    Moima, a pillion, or a rapid start (wheely) will send your beam higher than anything you put in a topbox! lol

    Meshes, red is emergency services - especially Fire, so illegal. :flame:

  5. Yeah, that's the word I was after. I went 5k globes, nice bright white not a hint of blue.