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VIC Legalities to peak hour riding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Disco Spider, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. I'll start with just the eastern freeway, as it is one I commute on frequently, and I wanted to ask the legality of some of the things I've observed:

    1. Riding on the right-most shoulder (instead of filtering between lanes)
    2. Riding on the left-most shoulder (instead of filtering between lanes)
    3. Riding in transit lanes (T2 lanes)
    4. Riding in taxi lanes
    5. Riding in Bus lanes
    6. Riding in combination bus+taxi lanes.
    Cheers for feedback guys, decided I should probably get some clarification before I get hammered down by <s>the fists of justice</s>

    Edit: to be clear, not asking legality of filtering/splitting at all, and all of these are asking about actual peak-hour times, when all of the various congestion laws are active
  2. Inbound on the Eastern you are allowed to use the last 100 meters of the Bus/Taxi/VHA lane and go on the B light and proceed down the Bus Lane in Hoddle Street

    I use the Eastern every day so feel free to ask away.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  3. I have observed that most bike riders do not realise they can turn on the "B" signal, and pull up with the cars.

  4. This video highlights what I'm talking about, with all of the riders filtering, and none of them using the shoulder/emergency lane to the right.

    So is it illegal in the same sense that filtering is, or is going into that emergency lane completely prohibited?

    I would feel much safer in that nice empty lane to the right versus having to go between two lanes :/
  5. Hi,

    You are not allowed to do either, But the emergency lane has two major draw backs -

    1. It is usually full of crap
    2. The Police will definitely book you for riding in it

    Splitting (ie the traffic is moving) while not allowed if done sensibly seems to get a blind eye - That said if there is a blitz on you will get done for doing it.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  6. I notice as well but a bit hard to let them know at the time.

  7. T2 lane is legal to ride in (or was the last time I looked).
  8. ^ Correct very clearly marked that we are allowed in them

    And if you are very bored see here - http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/SafetyAndRules/RoadRules/Motorbikes

    Transit and special purpose lanes
    Motorcycles are permitted in transit lanes but you must not ride your motorcycle in tram lanes, bus lanes, bicycle lanes or other lanes designated for special vehicles, except as permitted under the rules, for example for the permitted distance when entering or leaving the road.
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  9. I would feel safer in the bus lane too, I hope they legalise traveling in bus lanes at the same time they make the filtering law changes.
  10. There is an unmarked dirt bike copper pulling up all bikers who filter on the Eastern Fwy. Someone spotted this guy and taped him a few months back, I saw him just last week. So be careful, he seems like a prick and will pull you up with no hesitation.

    (I say prick cause in the vid it shows him doing est. over 100kmph down the emergency lane just to catch up to book a biker)

  11. Then tonight on the way home they give this lot an escort

  12. Yeah I have seen him as well, does not seem to be any pattern to when he is there, or none that I can work out as yet.

    That said I go in around 6.30/7 and am usually outbound around 4 so perhaps a bit early for him both times.

    Cheers Jeremy