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N/A | National Legalities - Exhaust

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jay77, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. If this is the wrong category I apologise in advance.

    Talking to my neighbour tonight and he told me he got pinged and received a letter in the mail regarding his exhaust
    He rides a HD with V&H pipes and as he admits its damn loud.

    The issue he has is the noise level for bikes here in is 94db. If he puts the stock pipes back on, as per the sticker on the pipe he will be at 97db.

    So how can he be breaking the law if he puts the original pipes back on the bike that supposedly meets AS regulations.
    And how is going to pass an EPA test if the stock pipes are too loud?

    And I don't need to hear the wanna be netrider police preaching 'if he didn't have loud pipes blah blah blah' and 'it's his own fault blah blah blah' carrying on.

    Secondly, a rumour came up that if the same bike gets done for loud pipes 3 times by the EPA it can crushed under some law.
    Anyone able to shed some light on that?

    Thanks again
  2. i know police like to claim loud exhausts under hoon laws (rightly or wrongly) and in some states 3 strikes on that front is a crushing.... fair, right?

    it's a really good question, particularly as Harleys aren't the only vehicles that don't meet the legislation as standard. I can't remember what state it was, or whether it was legislation that passed or not, but at one stage they were trying to pass legislation that would have made a stock commodore technically illegal.... while it was the number one selling car in the country still.

    logic evades the lawmakers.
  3. fcuk that....my step dad has a HD with screaming eagle pipes....that thing literally strips paint off the garage floor when he gives the throttle a twist and ...ugh...just amazeballs ... +1 for loud pipes....i love the sound of my stupidly over the top zxr 250 muffler

    sorry for derailing...can't shed light on your issue - just being a pest as per usual.
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  4. before justus pipes up, lol

    a standard 2012 Mercedes C63 measured 97db cruising at 50kph cruising and 102db accellerating - FAIL.

    Stationary noise levels — car-type vehicles and motor bikes and trikes
    (1) In this rule:
    "car-type vehicle" means:
    (a) a car; or
    (b) a utility truck, panel van, or another motor vehicle derived from a car design; or
    (c) another motor vehicle with 4 or more wheels that is built mainly to carry not over 9 people including the driver.
    (2) The stationary noise level of a car-type vehicle, or motor bike or trike, must not exceed:
    (a) for a car-type vehicle built after 1982 — 90 dB(A); or
    (b) for another car-type vehicle — 96 dB(A); or
    (c) for a motor bike or trike built after February 1985 — 94 dB(A); or
    (d) for another motor bike or trike — 100 dB(A).
    (3) However, this rule does not apply to a car-type vehicle built after 1982 for 2 years after the commencement of this rule, if:
    (a) the stationary noise level of the vehicle does not exceed 96 dB(A); and
    (b) the stationary noise level limit applying to the vehicle under the law of the State or Territory where the vehicle is registered, or otherwise authorised to be driven on a road or road-related area, by avehicle registration authority is not 90 dB(A) or less.
  5. Not sure how 'cruising at 50kph' or 'accelerating' fits in to stationary noise regulations...
  6. No, no, no and another no to be sure.

    I'm in the middle of this whole deal at the moment with EPA Victoria, NTC and Vicroads. There is a hell of a lot more in this than meets the eye, hence why no one to date after two weeks of phone calls and emails can give me a direct answer.

    Where it gets super messy is bikes built after 2008 and then add to this modified bikes. To answer your question, any bike built after 2008 will have a sticker mounted on the frame of the bike. This sticker will give you a db reading at a certain rpm, this is your compliance, plus some other stuff. Once it's registered and on the road it no longer falls under ADR's and this is the issue I have, ASVR's have other bits and bobs to comply to. Modified is another story again.
    Sorry I'm being a little vague, but being in the middle of a Victoria shit storm with different agencies, I'd rather stay quiet for the time being...
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  7. My appologies for lack of time to quote from the regulations but in quick summary to your questions:

    Motorcycles built before 1985 can be 100db at stationary noise test, built after 1985 they must be 94db. Look up stationary noise test.

    Regarding crushing, you have answered your own question, to be "done" means you have failed the stationary noise test. Why would anyone take a vehicle widely over the limit to be tested when you can download an app to test it for yourself with your phone? If you are sent a letter from the EPA requesting your vehicle to be tested then fix it then take it. What you do after getting a compliance notice is your own business. You can be sent as many notices as there are trees, just don't fail the test.
  8. out of curiousity wouldn't it be possible to simply baffle the stock pipes?
  9. Police were doing a "hoon" blitz in Sydney I think. They would pull a car in for breath test and then tray the driver like a criminal. Anything that was given a defect on the spot was then taken to epa or whatever it is then and there for further testing. A old muscle car, not sure which, cleared 107.
  10. i know, i was just pointing out how stupid the legislation is... and thats only the national one... im sure that various states and agencies have overlapping rules. PLUS theres nothing there stating how they do the test... so, again... various states and agencies.

    the whole thing's a minefield of clusterfcuk....

    this sounds great, and it COULD work that way... but they're taking pictures at roadworthies etc. these days... how long till thats available to cops on the spot and they can identify you have a different pipe on?

    as for the cruising at 50 thing... I got it from a canadian discussion where they are using "sound traps" placed next to the road to photograph and ticket vehicles... generally your vehicle will be quieter bombing along at 50 than revving to half or 75% redline... whatever the test now states.... it's not rock solid as its third hand and not a direct comparison to the specific noise testing done in victoria, but it's indicative of the problem that MANY vehicles are louder, even under non-hoon use than the legal limit.... so stock pipes wont necessarily get you out of trouble. The legislation isn't realistic... and it therefore comes down to the application and enforcement of the law.... and god knows our police are just pillars of common sense and virtue.
  11. That is wrong information you are providing. As I said earlier, it's far more complicated that it appears on the surface.
  12. Trouble with the app is that a normal smart phone microphone is designed for voice comms and is generally limited to 40-60db. Might read more on the app but may not be accurate.

    Anyone interested in the testing procedure, I found this.
  13. I told people this on the other thread, glad you are starting to get an understanding of the issue.
  14. Which part?
  15. No you didn't, you were a smart arse about it. Questions were asked, smart arse remarks made and ZERO actual information provided. The links YOU provided were of no use what so ever, you need to dig much, much deeper than the little tid bits you served up.
  16. I didn't say it was accurate, there is a lot more to what is, however if you're unsure it is indicative and useful in that way.
  17. Yes, that's the one that sux big time. Like the noise is really killing people as it disturbs their texting.
  18. So, I've just had confirmation from the EPA about where we stand today.
    Care to stand by your word and inform us what, you, a Victorian Police Officer understand to be the current legislation in Victoria? More than happy to discuss what you via PM also.
    Very interested to know your understanding.
  19. ^^^ Have to say it would be interesting to see what differences there are.
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  20. Guess we may never find out... Maybe 5.0 is running around to collect the current and correct information?