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Legalites/Opinions on riding higher CC than legally allowed?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by integridad, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    just a query as I cant seem to find the info and no-one seems to know an outright answer - what are the penalties/consequences for riding a larger CC than is legally allowed? Say for a purely hypothetical situation, :) a CBR600RR on P plates in the first 12months? To be a bit more specific, in the ACT but also curious as to Australia wide.

    In addition to that - what are peoples opinions on this? I know a lot of people i've talked to have mixed views, but the a large amount of the people i've talked to don't ride and so they don't quite grasp the addiction factor. Just curious..


  2. ZERO insurance
    ZERO loss of earnings payments from TAC.

    Yeah, good idea unless.......
  3. I disagree with it in general, but I understand the feeling of "I think I can handle it" or whatever.

    I'm DYING to get off these bl**dy restrictions!!
  4. To be honest i'm not sure what you hope to achieve from posting this. I mean, not having a go at you personally or anything, but seriously do you want people to say "yeah sure, its fine, nothing wrong at all go for it" ?

    I'm sure by and large people are going to all say the same thing - dont do it a) cause a rider with less than 12 months experience hasnt learnt the skills to handle the more powerful bikes that why they have restrictions and b) simply cause its illegal.
  5. In Victoria it will cost you $110 and a couple of points.

    Should you do it? That's up to you, if your old enough to vote and hold a licence your old enough to make your own decisions.
  6. Depends on which state, they are all diferent.

    Cant be bothered looking up for NSW which is probably similar to ACT, but from memory it was 4 points + 2 or 3 for no plate. (= loss of Provisional license). $400 of so fine + $120 or so for no plate.
    (These arent exact as I mentioned, but who cares)

    In short decent fine and instant points to lose licence, if you were pulled up for speeding or other bad behaviour the accumulated points will sit you out twice as long.

    NSW dosnt have TAC so we have no cover anyway. Whether insurance or greenslip claims will be void is a grey area though, never seen a definate answer (because noones stupid enough to try I guess).
  7. How is 'dumb' spelt in each different state???
  8. Well Im after opinions which is exactly what you and a few others have given, so cheers.

    I was also wanting to find out the penalties, which is what i've got so far.

    So thats about it.
  9. plus in Victoria, hoon laws...................
  10. Don't know about ACT, call their version of RTA. However, you will cop some grief should you have a stack. As mentioned, no insurance of any kind.

    How long you got to go on restrictions? How many km's have you ridden on your P's? Do you ride like there's no tomorrow?

    If you had two months to go, had ridden more than say 6,000kms and take it relatively easy most of the time in traffic - then I'd go for it, just think of the stories you can tell junior netriders in 20 years time :p

    Take it easy, there's plenty of time to be crazy :wink:
  11. ride on average 200k's a weeks and been riding for 18months in all conditions, so give or take 10,000ks- just got p's as i was too lazy to get them before now.

    I take it relatively easy as I enjoy life and i'd like to be here in 60or so years time...

    Thanks for the objective view.
  12. In vic restrictions are for 12 months
    You can ride a bigger bike after 12 months but still must display plates for the 3 years if you were not licensed at all either car or bike unless that law has changed recently.
  13. I'm confused by you man.

    You say you take it relatively easy, and you sound like a pretty logical kinda guy. But then you are thinking about riding without a license (and lets face it thats exactly what it is - riding without a license).

    Seriously, I do fully understand the frustration mate. When you've been
    riding for a while you really cant wait until you can go buy that bigger bike, but with some things i see it as a very black and white situation. The law is the law. In this case i reckon it really is that simple.

    But then again, most of my mate reckon i'm a stupid old granny :LOL:

    The question i'd ask is is it really worth the risk of getting caught or having an accident and not being covered with insurance/TAC/anything?

    Sorry i'll get off my soapbox now :LOL: :LOL:

  14. I have this problem at the moment.
    Bad idea to buy new VFR when you cant ride til 25th NOV.
    My 250 will be going soon, VFR in the garage :/

    Have ridden the VFR and its no problem.
    Trying not to ride it when its there and i can is the MASSIVE dilemma.
    So this initial post has answered a question I was dying to ask.

    I dont want to lose my P plate. I have no car licence .
    So bike with Pplate for 12 months then big bike for 2 years with P plate and no pillions either.

    If I stand to get points on my license and it taken off me then its not worth the risk.
    If it was just a fine, then it would be worth it.

    I know guys who upgratd and bypassed all RESTRICTION on 250.

    But thats them......but Im bloody tempted. I done about 17,000km in 12 months. 3 months with smashed collarbone.

    This will be the longest 3 months of my life
  15. I guess the world is full of different people, and many do varying levels of illegal activities.

    People rob others at gunpoint, drug addicts steal to get more drugs, some drink and drive, some do crazy speeds and some ride a bike too big on their restrictions. They are all illegal but isn't our mate integridad doing the lesser of all the evils?

    And yeah I did it too :oops:
  16. I believe the penalty is approx $110 if you are on your P's, and no points.

    However if you get nicked doing something a little bit silly which you would normally get a warning for, I reckon they would bust you for it as well as the $110 fine.

    The bottom line is you would have to ride slower/more carefully on the bigger bike for fear of getting pulled so it would therefore be safer? (assuming you have enough experience to ride the bigger bike in the frst place)

    How many people here have actually been caught doing it?

    And this subject was raised a short while back and there was a lot of discussion as to whether it is riding unlicensed or riding against restrictions (I think riding against restrictions was the general consensus)
  17. A common problem :cry:
    The last few months drive you crazy, especially when your 6ft and have done over 40,000km on ZZR250 :LOL:

    12 months is too long I think, and leads to a lot of people breaking it.
    The option to do a course and testing like Qride they have in QLD would be good, make it a proper test not little joke like P's test, if people pass theres no problem with them upgrading.

    I definatly dont think people should break their restrictions, if for no other reason then the penalties.
  18. Its "against restrictions" in NSW because theres an infringement in the book specifically for it.
  19. After 12 months on P's you're fully unrestricted, and can lose the plates (and take a pillion) regardless of how long you've had a car licence. Almost lost 'em myself. Not a moment too soon...